COVID-19 Prevention: Campus Facilities

Together, we are stopping the spread

UB has put the following protocols in place to protect your safety during the COVID-19 pandemic. For more information on UB’s COVID-19 health and safety guidelines, please visit the COVID-19: UB Planning and Response page.

This guidance is reviewed periodically and subject to change. For specific concerns please call (24 hours a day):
UB University Facilities Customer Services

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In addition to wearing a mask at all times, physical distancing (also known as social distancing) is highly recommended by the CDC. To promote physical distancing, the university is modifying or restricting use of spaces (including classrooms) where people tend to congregate, so people can stay at least 6 feet apart in all directions.

All members of the campus community and visitors are expected to keep 6 feet of physical distance between themselves and others in all areas of campus whether visual guidance is provided or not.

Even when physical distancing is possible, face coverings still must be worn at all times when in public spaces on UB’s campuses – indoors and outdoors – because some risk of transmission still exists at distances greater than 6 feet.

Social Distancing FAQs

Social distancing is not always possible. Wearing face masks is the simplest, most effective way to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Learn about UB’s latest face mask requirements 

Allow Extra Time

Enabling safe physical distancing in high-traffic service areas will necessitate some longer wait times. Please allow extra time to travel around campus.