Recombinant Nucleic Acids, Pathogens and Toxins

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All recombinant nucleic acid, toxin and infectious agent work activities must be registered with the Institutional Biosafety Committee.

Register Your Work

Each investigator contemplating initiation of such work must adhere to the following:

  • Two months prior to the proposed starting date of research involving recombinant rNA infectious agents, potentially oncogenic materials, or toxins the PI must submit research protocols via the Click Portal Login.
  • As early as possible in the planning stage of the research, the Principal Investigator (PI) should contact EH&S to discuss plans for physical facilities and possible renovations that may be needed. Final certification of the Physical Biosafety Level (BSL) of containment will be made by the University Biosafety Officer (BSO).
  • Protocol modifications must be made in Click using the Protocol Amendment tab.

Training of Personnel

It is the responsibility of the PI to provide instruction regarding specific techniques for research and dangers of materials to be handled and to document this training. It is the responsibility of the PI to ensure that all laboratory  personnel are familiar with:

Also, all laboratory personnel and students must attend the EH&S Laboratory Safety Training Class.

Contact an Expert

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