Environmental Programs

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Find information on environmental issues that could affect the UB community.

Earth Day 2021

The Erie/Niagara County 2021 Earth Day Rain Barrel and Compost Bin web page is now ready for orders to be placed.

A summary of items and the sale is attached along with specifications for the Systern® rain barrel and Earth Machine™ compost bin.


As you select various items to purchase, options for you to select a pick up location and date will pop up. See these flyers for a detailed description of the items and event:

Legionella and Cooling Towers

The University at Buffalo has taken proactive steps to inspect, test and disinfect all cooling towers across all campuses in accordance with the available guidelines issued by the State Department of Health (DOH). These precautions are in addition to the regular maintenance inspections, testing and treatment that is conducted on a regular basis and include:

  • Take an inventory of university cooling towers
  • Sampled all university cooling towers for bacteria and for Legionella, specifically
  • Disinfected and resampled towers that tested positive for Legionella above DOH guidelines 
  • Assembled a committee to coordinate a standard program that follows DOH guidelines for maintenance, operation, and testing of all cooling towers

Legionella Facts

Some important facts about Legionnaires’ disease:

  • Water tanks are completely separate from cooling towers and unaffected by Legionella
  • Legionnaires’ disease is not new, nor is it contagious
  • Most healthy individuals do not become infected with Legionella bacteria after exposure
  • A person diagnosed with Legionnaires’ disease is not a threat to others who share office space or other areas of close contact

For more information, visit the NYS Department of Health Legionellosis Site.