Hostile Intruder

Call University Police


• Where you are
• Where the intruder is
• The condition of the others with you

Tragic incidents around the country have demonstrated that preparedness, alertness, quick action, immediate notification and rapid response are imperative.

Follow police instructions. If you cannot speak on the phone, leave your phone line open so the dispatcher can hear what is happening.

Follow Guidelines

  • Remain calm, do not engage the intruder.
  • If it is possible to escape the area safely, do so quietly.
  • If attempting to escape, do not carry phones or other objects in your hands. As you move through open areas keep your hands elevated with open palms visible, especially if encountering responding law enforcement officers. Follow all instructions the officers may give you.
  • If you cannot safely exit the building, stay where you are:
    • Seek shelter in a room where the doors can be locked or barricaded securely.
    • Close and lock windows, lower blinds, remain out of sight and turn off lights.
    • Once secured inside, take cover behind concrete walls, thick desks, filing cabinets and away from windows and doors.
    • Remain quiet, turn off cell phone ringers.
  • If it can be accomplished safely, assist injured persons.
  • Do not respond to any unfamiliar voice commands until you can be sure that they are coming from a police officer.
  • Do not open the door until you are positive that it is a police officer or a recognized campus official coming to help you.

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