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Date Established: 1/15/2009
Date Last Revised: 3/25/2022
Category: Information Technology
Responsible Office: Office of the Chief Information Officer
Responsible Executive: Chief Information Officer

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UBLearns Data Management Policy


Courses will remain available to instructors on the UBLearns system for a maximum period of 12 months after the semester ends in accordance with UB’s Incomplete policy.  Administrative sites are excluded from this policy.

Policy Statement

In accordance with UB's Undergraduate policy regarding Incomplete Grades, courses will remain available to instructors on the UBLearns system for a maximum period of 12 months after the semester ends. Course sites reaching the 12 month threshold will be automatically removed from the system based on the following timetable:

The automatic removal period will be scheduled and announced to UBLearns instructors in advance. Instructors who require access to course content scheduled for removal should refer to Enrollment Change-over in UBLearns.


UBLearns is a dynamic and growing course management tool that delivers course content and fosters learning in a real-time on-line environment. Our goal is to keep UBLearns stable and equipped for growth. Removing old course data on the system helps meet that goal and makes space for new courses that demand increasingly complex and data-rich content.


This policy applies only to non-administrative courses in UBLearns. Administrative sites will be reviewed on a yearly basis or removed at the owners’ request.


Administrative Site

Courses sites added to UBLearns for departmental or administrative use that are not affiliated with classes offered by registration number.


Classes offered by registration number and available for instructor inclusion on UBLearns using the UBLearns course setup too.


A course management system and the University at Buffalo’s instance of Blackboard accessible at


Information Technology Policy Officer

  • Maintain this policy.
  • Respond to questions regarding this policy.

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