UB Learns for Faculty

UB Learns, powered by Blackboard, is the centrally supported Learning Management System (LMS) at UB.

Known Issues
  • RESOLVED - iOS apps for UB Learns (Instructor v3.9 and Blackboard v5.9) do not show main navigation menu (originally posted on Nov. 19). New versions of the apps are available from the iOS App Store (Instructor v3.9.1 and Blackboard v5.9.1). If you have automatic updates turned off on your iOS device, you will need to update the apps manually.
  • RESOLVED - For instructors only: Inconsistent behavior when adding assessment feedback while using the Grade Questions tool (originally posted Nov. 11).
  • Intermittent Issue with Panopto Quiz Grade Not Passing Back to UB Learns (originally posted Sept. 30).

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About UB Learns

UB Learns provides faculty with an online environment to create, deliver and manage their course content, as well as monitor participation and assess performance among learners.

This help website is a quick-start guide. For detailed information about any of these topics, see the official Blackboard manual.

UB Learns is available 24 hours per day, seven days a week.

Information Session

Ultra Course View in UB Learns: Is It Ready for You?

Beginning with spring 2021 courses, faculty will have a choice between two different course views in UB Learns: Original Course View and Ultra Course View.

Join the UB Learns support team as they build a new course site using Ultra Course View, highlighting advantages and some of the challenges of the new course view.

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Updated content editor (toolbar used for editing text boxes) in UB Learns

The update includes improvements to existing tools, a new accessibility checker and the ability to display computer code. Some icons have changed (source code is now represented by the <> icon), and the options to embed files, images, videos and mashups are now available by clicking on the plus icon (use the Insert Local File option for images).

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