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UB Learns, powered by Blackboard, is the centrally supported Learning Management System (LMS) at UB.

Method for adding images to UB Learns has changed

To improve performance, Blackboard has released an update where copying and pasting an image from a document (such as a Word document) to a UB Learns text field is no longer supported. You can add images by using the plus icon in the content editor toolbar.

Learn more about adding images using the plus icon

Blackboard mobile app users should reinstall apps

To get the most out of Blackboard’s mobile apps (Blackboard app and Blackboard Instructor app), users should delete the apps from their mobile devices and reinstall them.

  • The apps are available from the Apple App Store and Google Play by searching for “Blackboard.”
  • To log into the mobile apps, type “buffalo” for the school name and select “SUNY – University at Buffalo” from the list. Tap Web Login and authenticate using your UBITName and password.

About UB Learns

UB Learns provides faculty with an online environment to create, deliver and manage their course content, as well as monitor participation and assess performance among learners.

This help website is a quick-start guide. For detailed information about any of these topics, see the official Blackboard manual.

UB Learns is available 24 hours per day, seven days a week.

Information Session

Ultra Course View in UB Learns: Is It Ready for You?

Faculty now have a choice between two different course views in UB Learns: Original Course View and Ultra Course View.

The UB Learns support team is working directly with faculty to ensure that a course will be successful in Ultra Course View before it is converted.

Please join us as we build a new course site using Ultra Course View, highlighting advantages and some of the challenges of the new course view.

> Register for an information session

Updated content editor (toolbar used for editing text boxes) in UB Learns

The update includes improvements to existing tools, a new accessibility checker and the ability to display computer code. Some icons have changed (source code is now represented by the <> icon), and the options to embed files, images, videos and mashups are now available by clicking on the plus icon (use the Insert Local File option for images).

Learn more about the content editor

  • 7/13/21
    Register today for an information session that will highlight Ultra Course View in UB Learns.
  • 8/31/21
    The UB Learns support team is committed to providing the most up-to-date educational resources that help instructors deliver innovative and engaging online content to their students.
  • 8/11/21
    In the event that students are unable to physically attend classes due to an unusual situation (e.g., COVID-19 or weather-related event), faculty can continue to teach their courses online using UB Learns.
  • 3/6/20
    Learn how to enable your courses on UB Learns, combine two or more courses and work with advanced setup options.
  • 6/10/21
    Ultra Base Navigation is an easy-to-navigate system menu that provides quick access to critical information, such as grading tasks, due dates and activities, for all your courses.
  • 12/19/14
    Find out how to perform administrative tasks, manage users and groups, customize courses and save and reuse courses.
  • 12/19/14
    Find out how to add and edit content, create lesson plans and link to content within your course or on external websites.
  • 6/1/15
    Discover ways to communicate with your students using blogs, discussion boards, wikis and more.
  • 2/16/21
    Use Grade Center, surveys, assignments and course report to help measure your students' progress.
  • 5/26/21
    Portfolios provide a way for students to efficiently collect and organize artifacts representative of work completed over time.
  • 8/24/21
    UB Learns has installed several vendor and third-party integrations to extend the use and functionality of UB Learns. 
  • 3/6/20
    Find answers to frequently asked questions about UB Learns.
  • 5/28/21
    Find additional resources to get the most out of UB Learns.
  • 2/18/21
    Administrative course sites are UB Learns sites that are not affiliated with classes offered by registration numbers.
  • 9/9/20
    Request a UB Learns course site combination for courses that have different instructors of record.

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