Recording with Panopto

Record, edit and publish academic video and audio content from your computer or mobile device.

An introduction to Panopto (1:32)

A brief overview of Panopto's main features.

Training session (21:10)

Learn the basics, including UB Learns integration.


Best practice for reusing Panopto videos in UB Learns

  • Create a sub-folder in your My Folder
  • Move, copy, record, or upload videos this sub-folder
  • Configure a UB Learns course for Panopto
  • Use the Panopto mashup tool to add files from this sub-folder to any content area in the course
  • UB Learns course copy will copy these links for you the next time
  • Adjust share permissions on the sub-folder to allow students in the new course to view the videos in the sub-folder

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