Faculty Technology Guide

Your accounts, devices and sharing

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Activate/Manage your UBITName

Your UBITName and password will be your login for HUB, email, Wi-Fi and much more.

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Protect your UB accounts with Duo

Set up a personal device that UB will notify when you log into UB services. We recommend your smartphone with the Duo app.

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Configure devices for eduroam Wi-Fi

Set up your devices to automatically connect to secure eduroam Wi-Fi.

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Set up UBmail on your devices

We will send important updates to your UB email address. Learn how to get it on your computer, phone and tablet.

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Take advantage of UB cloud storage

Keep your files in the cloud and access them seamlessly from any device.

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Get free software (Office and more)

Your UB affiliation comes with a ton of powerful tools to help you succeed, like anti-virus, Microsoft 365, Zoom and much more.

Teaching technology

Useful Websites

Whether you are looking to get started with online teaching, or you require advanced resources to enhance existing courses, explore the comprehensive resources that UB has.

Distance Learning

Person on laptop.
Install UB's teaching and conferencing apps

Learning Management Systems

Create, deliver and manage course content. Monitor participation and assess performance among learners.

Classroom technology

Learn to use the touchscreen, computer, projector and lighting controls like a pro(fessor).

Remote teaching resources

Ready to take your remote teaching setup to the next level? Check your Internet speed; Zoom, home printing and security tips.

Workshops, training and IT news

Explore all your IT services

Learn about using technology

Find resources to learn a computer skill

Explore computer and software training offered by UB and its partners.

Report a classroom problem