Listserv for Group Email

Learn how to, create, manage and control electronic mailing lists at UB. Listservs are available for official UB academics, business and clubs.

How Listservs Work

Each member subscribed to a particular mailing list receives a copy of every message sent to that list via email. Listservs are email-based and can function as announcement platforms, moderated lists or discussions lists.

You can use a listserv to send email to an entire class, using just the address for the listserv list.

Using the Listserv Web Interface

List Subscribers (Members)

From the Listserv Web Interface, subscribers should click List Subscriber Web Interface in the left-hand column. From there, subscribers can:

  • View their listserv membership
  • Update their subscriber settings for a list
  • Join and leave lists
  • View list archives (if available)

List Owners

From the Listserv Web Interface, click List Owner Web Interface (login required) from the left-hand column, then log in with your email address and UB Listserv password. List owners can:

  • Request a new list or delete a list
  • Repopulate a class list
  • Add, remove and update subscriber email addresses
  • Join and leave lists
  • View public list archives and see email commands
  • Find list owner training and manage your list subscriptions
Still need help?

Contact the UBIT Help Center.