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Date Established: -
Date Last Revised: 5/18/2009
Category: Information Technology
Responsible Office: Office of the CIO
Responsible Executive: Chief Information Officer

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Telephone Use Policy


Telephones, including both wired (desk phones, including VOIP) and cellular phones issued by the university and paid for by the university are, like all other university assets and services, intended to be used for the purpose of conducting official university business.

Policy Statement

As the decision making process for the purchase and distribution of telephone equipment remains a distributed one, the responsibility for the review and compliance with policies governing telecommunications must also be distributed.


To assist departments in this role the following guidelines are provided:

  • Each department should identify an individual who is responsible for the review and approval of all telephone acquisitions and related expenses.
  • The departmental telephone coordinator is responsible for reviewing telephone usage detail records to ensure appropriate use. This includes monthly cellular usage as well as wired phone (including VOIP) usage when asked. Employees should reimburse the university for the costs of any personal calls made on university-sponsored telephones.
  • In accordance with the Governors Executive Order #110, employees shall not use hand held mobile telephones while operating state or personal vehicles on public highways when conducting state business.
  • The department telephone coordinator should provide a copy of this policy to each employee.


This policy applies to all university data regardless of its medium or form, and to all those who handle university information (faculty, staff, students, third party contractors, and any others).


Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP)

Communications services such as voice, fax, and voice-messaging that are transported via the Internet, rather than the public switched telephone network.

Policy Review and Update

The Chief Information Officer or his designee will periodically review and update this policy as needed. Questions concerning this policy should be directed to the Office of the Associate VP for Information Technology.


Violations of this policy will result in appropriate disciplinary measures in accordance with university policies, applicable collective bargaining agreements, and state and federal laws.

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