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Date Established: 2007
Date Last Updated:
Category: Environmental, Health and Safety
Responsible Office:
Environment, Health and Safety
Responsible Executive:
Associate Vice President for Facilities

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Exterior Signage


All exterior campus signs must follow university-wide design standards and procedures. Exterior campus signs include all gateway signs, regulatory signs, vehicular and pedestrian wayfinding signs, building and parking lot signs, event signs, seasonal signs, temporary signs and directories.

Design Standards

UB follows a set of design standards that outlines the specifications for the size, shape, color and font for all exterior signage. Eighteen sign types and two variations were created for the campus and are illustrated in UB Signage Types.


To ensure a uniform aesthetic look of all exterior signs on campus, procedures have been established to handle all signage requests. Requests for new signs and changes to existing signs must first be approved by the office of Facilities Design and Construction, and the Signage Review Committee.

Regulatory Signs

The offices of UB Police and Parking and Transportation manage all regulatory signs related to vehicular traffic and parking which are not covered in this policy.

  • All regulatory signage must be in accordance with the NYS Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices
  • The Director of UB Police must approve all requests for regulatory signs.

Permanent Signs

  • Facilities Design and Construction department must review proposed exterior signs and locations. They will assess the design standards to ensure uniform exterior signage on campus.
  • The Signage Review Committee will render a decision and notify the requestor within 20 working days of the request.

Temporary Signs

There are two types of temporary signs, seasonal and special event signs.

1. Seasonal signs

  • Seasonal signs are used to instruct and direct the campus community during seasonal weather.
  • There are six seasonal sign locations (E-2). They contain campus-wide messages established by Student Affairs and follow an annual schedule.

2. Special event signs

  • Special event signs are used to direct visitors to campus events.
  • Special event signs (E-3) are boards that have the capacity to support four special event messages sponsored by university departments. There is a charge per event sign.
  • There are six sign locations available, five on North Campus and one on South Campus.
  • Brochures and marketing materials for special events should also reference the exterior signs.
  • Request placement for a special event message by calling Customer Service and placing a work order.

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