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Date Established: 4/9/1973
Date Last Updated: 11/19/2008
Category: Environmental, Health and Safety
Responsible Office:
Environment, Health and Safety
Responsible Executive:
Associate Vice President for Facilities

Policy Contents


Animals On Campus


The control of non-laboratory associated animals is essential for the safety, health and psychological well being of all persons on campus. This policy reflects the attitude of New York State statutory requirements as well as expressed desires of the University population.


This policy applies to all buildings and grounds, whether owned or leased by the University, and are occupied and utilized by faculty, staff or students of the University. Control of animals will be in accordance with this policy, State law and municipal ordinances where applicable.


All faculty, staff students and visitors are expected to comply with this policy and procedure. Department heads and Resident Advisors are charged with enforcement of this policy.



Any person conducting classroom activities at the University.


Any person employed by the University performing assigned administrative or professional responsibilities.


Any person who has enrolled or registered for study at the University for any academic period. This includes attending or participating in any activity preparatory to the beginning of school, such as orientation or University housing check-in.


The University at Buffalo, State University of New York.


In Buildings

  • Animals (dogs, cats, hamsters, reptiles, pot belly pigs, ferrets, birds, etc.) are not allowed in buildings.

Exceptions In Buildings

  • Fish in tanks no larger than 10 gallons are allowed. Poisonous or predatory fish are prohibited. Refer to the UB Campus Living Rules for information about pets, service animals, and emotional support animals.
  • Experimental animals in a research environment where it has been approved by the Institute Animal Care and Use Committee.
  • Animals trained to assist the disabled.
  • K-9 dogs of an official security office or police department.

On the Grounds

  • No person owning or having the care, custody or charge of any dog shall permit such dog to run at large. All dogs shall be securely controlled by a leash which shall not exceed 6' in length.
  • The owner is responsible for curbing their pet and picking-up its waste.

Special Events

  • Attractions or shows which require use of animals must receive clearance by calling the Office of Environmental Health and Safety.


  • Every person owning or harboring a dog must obtain a license according to New York State law. The license shall be attached to the collar or harness and worn continuously by the animal.


  • Every dog 6 months of age shall be vaccinated against rabies. The vaccination tag shall be attached to the collar or harness.


  • Animals at large may be apprehended and delivered to the Buffalo City Animal Shelter or to the Erie County S. P. C. A. The policies of these agencies will prevail for claiming of any animal.

State Vehicles

  • Personal animals shall be not transported in State Vehicles.

Document Management

This procedure shall be reviewed once every two years, or as changes require.

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All Complete re-write of April 9, 1973 document 11/19/08
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