Approval Authority Delegation Request

In accordance with the University at Buffalo Approval Authority Policy, approval authority may be delegated, however accountability to safeguard the assets of the university continues to lie with the original approver and all levels of subsequent delegation down to, and including, the final delegate.

Each authorized person is responsible for ensuring that he or she has the appropriate approval authority to approve a transaction, and that such approval and the transaction itself complies with all policies of the university and the applicable school, college, or unit.

Annual Certification

Annual certification of delegation of authority is required.

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  1. A copy of the submission data will be emailed to the requestor's email address provided on the form.
  2. This form must be printed, then signed by both the delegate and delegator. Maintain a signed copy for departmental files.
  3. Email or send a hard copy of completed form to Policy, Compliance and Internal Controls office:

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