Faculty and Staff Hiring Form

Unit Business Officers (UBOs) or departmental Human Resources (HR) staff complete this form for any new hires (faculty or staff) requesting delivery of previously approved central funding.

Purpose of the Form

To secure delivery of previously agreed-upon Central Funding after the hire has been made.

Download the Form

Mobile Users

For the best experience in completing this form use a non-mobile device.

Completing the Adobe PDF Form

  1. Enter requested information into the form, referring to the instructions in each cell to determine whether additional documentation is required to be submitted with the form.  
  2. Print the form. 
  3. Get required signatures.
  4. Scan a copy of the signed form for your records. 
  5. Send an e-mail to Joe Lewandowski at jl299@buffalo.edu.

Need Help Completing the Form?

Joe Lewandowski.

Joseph Lewandowski


Resource Planning

Phone: 716-645-6007

Email: jl299@buffalo.edu

Form Facts

Form Type: Downloadable, Adobe PDF document

Requirements: Adobe Acrobat

Updated: August 2019

Owner: Resource Planning