Transcript Fee

The $5 per semester Transcript Fee allows students to request and receive as many official transcripts as they would like without additional charges. 

The SUNY Fee Policy, including provisions for the Academic Transcript Fee, was revised in September 2011, allowing campuses to increase the per transcript or per semester charge to $10 (inclusive of any 3rd party or vendor charges associated with automated or on-line transcript services) with a $120 lifetime transcript fee cap per student, per institution. UB has chosen to remain at the $5 rate at this time. The University at Buffalo is still required to send SUNY Administration one-half of this per semester Transcript Fee.

Student Benefits and Impacts

The $5 per semester Transcript Fee is added to the current student comprehensive fees and billed once each semester. Students do not have to make subsequent cash, check, or credit card payments for each transcript request. This streamlines the transcript request process for current students, former students, and alumni.

Staff in 1Capen, Office of the Registrar, and the Schools of Law, Medicine, and Dental Medicine no longer need to process payments for transcripts. This streamlined the transcript request process for staff, allowing for faster and more efficient service to students.

The average undergraduate student currently requests four or five official transcripts during his/her undergraduate career, but students in certain academic disciplines (both undergraduate and graduate) request over 30 transcripts during their academic careers. For these students, the $5 per semester cost is a significant savings. The $60 Transcript Fee cap also provides a savings for students who continue at UB for more than one degree program.

Student Access

Current students and alumni who were enrolled at UB spring 2011 and later can request transcripts on-line via HUB Student Center (via MyUB). Former students and alumni can request an official transcript by completing the Transcript Request form and following the instructions. Forms can be faxed to this office 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Staff process transcript requests during regular business hours.

Current students, former students and alumni can request an official transcript at 1Capen during regular business hours.

Actual Expenditures

pie chart of transcript fee expenditures

On this page:

Transcript Services: $153,600

Provides unlimited official transcripts to students, alumni, and those who left UB without obtaining a degree.

Fast Facts

  • Improve timeliness of transcript processing
  • Simplifies the transcript process
  • More economical for those who request multiple transcripts

Fee Contact

1Capen – Capen Hall
Monday – Friday; 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be charged for six years’ worth of the Transcript Fee if I will be enrolled for only one more year?

Students will only be charged the Transcript Fee for the semesters they attend, up to 12 semesters.

How was the rate determined?

This rate allows for a revenue neutral proposal that covers only our processing and service costs as determined by a cost analysis.

Will current alumni get transcripts for free?

Effective January 2004, alumni will not be charged for transcripts.

Who is the most frequent transcript requester? Is it very different based on major or job? Is there any way for you to charge frequent requesters more?

Some students do request more transcripts than others. On average students request about two transcripts per year. Students are entitled to official transcripts at no additional cost as both students and alumni. Differential charging would complicate the process and make service to students less efficient and less timely.