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Student Accounts will automatically refund credit balances on your account as a result of an adjustment or overpayment of your bill.

Excelsior Refund Request

If you are requesting an Excelsior refund, please complete the form and email a copy to for processing.

A credit balance may be a result of overpayment by yourself or any financial aid that you receive. Refunds are issued in the form of a check or are refunded to the credit card originally used for payment. 

Financial aid refunds will be processed according to the Financial Aid Refund Schedule. Overpayment refunds will be processed beginning the third week of classes. Please review the new financial aid disbursement and refunding policy.

Disbursement releases financial aid for posting to the student’s account (see the disbursement schedule on Financial Aid’s website). Once financial aid is posted to the student’s account, a credit balance may remain.

Refunding takes the credit balance on a student’s account and returns it to the student, or parent if the refund is from a PLUS Loan (see the refund schedule).

Direct Deposit

Although it is not required, we highly recommend enrolling in direct deposit to receive your refund faster.

Parents who will receive a refund from a Parent Plus loan may enroll in direct deposit. Your student needs to set you up as an authorized payer to have access to this service.

Excelsior Refund Request

Students needing a refund based on the Excelsior Scholarship and or Excelsior Tuition Credit estimates must request the refund using the Refund Request-Excelsior form. Students receiving the Excelsior scholarship are urged to consult with a Financial Aid or Academic Advisor before submitting a refund request.

Please be advised that your current term’s TAP award must be disbursed before that term's Excelsior can be refunded.  TAP disbursement typically occurs after the fifth week of classes. Also, it is important to note that in order to be eligible for the current term's Excelsior refund, your prior term's Excelsior awards must be disbursed.

Refund Checks

Refund Address Change Effective Immediately

Refund checks will be sent to addresses in the following order: Permanent, Local, Mailing.

Refund checks are typically sent to addresses in the following order: Residence Hall, Local, Mailing, Permanent. If the only address you have is a Permanent address, your refund will be sent there. For more information about addresses, please visit the Office of the Registrar’s website.

If you’ve paid by check or eCheck, your refund will be processed 30 days after the payment has been posted to your account.

Refunds that are the result of wire transfers: As a security measure and in keeping with recommended banking practices, the University at Buffalo is unable to accept wire transfer payments in excess of the balance due on an account. Overpayments received via wire transfer that are made to a student’s account may be wired back to the originating account. Where the intent is to provide a student with funds for personal expenses, those should be wired directly to the student’s local bank account.