Teaching Assistants, Graduate Assistants, Research Assistants and Fellows

Teaching Assistants (TA), Graduate Assistants (GA), Research Assistants (RA) and Fellows can be considered for a Tuition Differential Scholarship for tuition purposes in New York State after one semester.

If all other requirements are met, a TA/GA/RA or Fellow may qualify for a Tuition Differential Scholarship for New York State tuition purposes in their second semester. The Residency Application for Tuition Differential Scholarship must be used and appropriate documentation must still be provided for a one semester period of time.

For those students approved the student account will continue to reflect the Non-Resident Tuition Rate. However, the tuition will be paid in full through the combination of an Academic Departmental Tuition Scholarship and the one-time Assistantship Tuition Differential Scholarship. 

At the end of 12 months of residing in NYS, the student will be reclassified as a NYS resident and charged the resident tuition rate for subsequent semesters. 

Application Filing Deadlines*

  • Summer Term: June 1
  • Fall Term: September 1
  • Winter Session: January 2
  • Spring Term: February 1

*We will accept applications for the Military and Veterans exceptions at any time for the current semester.

If you’ve submitted a residency application and have not received a decision from our office, you are still responsible for paying the amount due by the billing due date.   Failure to pay the amount due will result in a late payment fee.  You should also be aware of the financial liability deadlines, as these may occur while you are waiting for a decision from our office.

Communications are conducted through UB email, United States mail, or telephone. You will receive an approval or denial letter via your UB email once a decision has been made.

  • If applying for Winter/Spring - Documents must be dated September 1st of that year or prior.
  • If applying for Summer/Fall - Documents must be dated February 1st of that year or prior.

If the deadline falls on a weekend, the deadline is the next business day.