New York State Residency

Your eligibility for New York State tuition rates is based upon your residency in New York State, and showing that you have established a New York State domicile that is your permanent and principal home.

Regardless of your level in school, your residency status is verified during the initial admissions process.  If after this initial residency verification process you are determined to be an out of state resident, you will need to complete the Residency Application for New York State Tuition Purposes.  Students who are initially determined to be New York State residents will not need to complete any further verification and will be billed at the in-state tuition rate.

Verifying New York State Residency

Graduate and professional-level students should contact their academic units regarding questions during this initial residency verification. The office of Student Accounts does not handle this process, so students should visit Verifying New York State Residency for more information regarding this verification process.

Eligibility for In-State Tuition Rates

Being a resident of New York State includes the decision to abandon one’s former state of domicile, and establish in New York, a domicile which is more than the mere presence that enrollment at the university implies. Living in New York State to attend college does not make you a permanent resident of New York State. You do not acquire a New York State domicile by being physically present in New York for a period of twelve (12) months.

Additionally, establishing a domicile in New York State requires an affirmative decision to adopt New York State as your permanent home and the place to which you expect habitually to return to after absences. Your intent to remain in New York State after completing your studies implies this as well. Proof of New York State domicile is demonstrated by documents which support your contention that your permanent home is located in New York State. If you believe that you have established a domicile in New York State, you must demonstrate this by submitting a Residency Application for New York State Tuition Purposes and providing the required documents.

Durational Requirement

You will be considered a New York State resident and be charged in-state tuition rates when you have been determined to have had a New York State domicile (e.g. a permanent and principal home in New York State) for a twelve-month period prior to the start of the semester. Living in college residence halls is considered “temporary” housing for the purpose of attending school and does not count toward establishing residency in New York State. However, leased apartments (e.g. Creekside Village, Hadley Village, South Lake Village, Flint Village and Flickinger Court) on university property are acceptable. Persons who do not meet this requirement will be presumed to be out-of-state residents, and should be charged out-of-state tuition rates unless satisfactory proof is presented to show that domicile in New York State has, in fact, been established, notwithstanding the durational requirement.

Exceptions (Special Circumstances) to the Durational Requirement: