Application for Residency

Many parents, families and students express interest about the requirements for New York State resident tuition. The difference between the resident and non-resident tuition rates is significant, and the requirements can be complex.

If you believe that you have established a domicile in New York State, you must demonstrate this by submitting a Residency Application for New York State Tuition Purposes and provide the required documents. Students must be registered in the semester that they are applying.

Applicants MUST use the current application. If older versions of the application are submitted, the applicant will be informed if a new application needs to be submitted. Copies of documents must be uploaded for permanent filing. The Student Accounts office will not return original documents.

Tuition is not reduced retroactively. Only complete applications with supporting documentation submitted on or before the following deadlines will be reviewed for consideration of New York State Residency for Tuition Purposes. If the deadline falls on a weekend, the deadline is the next business day. 

For those students who have indicated that they intend to legalize their immigration status, an affidavit of intent must be completed, notarized, and submitted along with their required documents.  They will need to provide a copy of any pending immigration paperwork for review.  Please note this must already be in progress during the semester they are applying for New York State Residency.

Deadlines for submission*:

  • Summer Semester: June 1
  • Fall Semester: September 1
  • Winter Session: January 2
  • Spring Semester: February 1

*We will accept applications for the Military and Veterans exceptions at any time for the current semester.

If you’ve submitted a residency application and have not received a decision from our office, you are still responsible for paying the amount due by the billing due date.   Failure to pay the amount due will result in a late payment fee.  You should also be aware of the financial liability deadlines, as these may occur while you are waiting for a decision from our office.

Application Submission and Review Dates

PLEASE NOTE: Applications and documents will NOT be accepted by fax or email. Communications are conducted through UB email, or telephone. You will receive an approval or denial letter via your UB email once a decision has been made.

Financial Aid Recipients: If you receive a refund from Financial Aid prior to your residency application being processed, you may have your financial aid adjusted if your residency application is approved to accommodate the lower in-state cost of attendance.

Permanent Address: Your permanent address on record at the university must be the same as the address you are using to establish your residency. P.O. Boxes and/or University residence halls are not acceptable for establishing residency in New York State. Verify the PERMANENT address on file is your New York State address by logging in to your HUB Student Center.