Tuition and Fees

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The University at Buffalo offers students an excellent education at a cost that is more affordable than most other major research universities.

Tuition and Fees by Semester

Charges by Student Status

Matriculated Student

A matriculated student is charged tuition at the rate of his or her program for all courses in which he or she is enrolled, regardless of course level and regardless of whether or not any course is to be included in his or her degree program.


A non-matriculated student is charged tuition at the rate applicable to each course as determined by the course level. If a student is matriculated at the University but is taking a course as a non-matriculated student, the student will be charged as a matriculated student.

Visiting Student

A visiting student is matriculated in a degree program at another campus of State University, is charged tuition according to his or her classification (undergraduate, graduate, for example) at his or her home campus. Admission as a matriculated student supersedes admission as a non-matriculated student.