Financial Liability Deadlines

Per SUNY policy, when you register, you assume responsibility for paying all tuition and fees associated with your enrollment. You must pay even if you did not attend a single class unless you have dropped or resigned your courses according to the published deadlines. This applies to those who are withdrawing from the university OR those who have fallen below full-time status.

Liability refers to the percentage of tuition and fees that the student remains financially responsible for if courses are dropped/resigned at a given point in the session.

For courses dropped or resigned during the session, tuition and fee liability is calculated using:

  1. the start date of the class session and
  2. the week that the drop or resign occurs

If you have received Title IV financial aid (Pell, Perkins, SEOG, Direct Loans) for the semester you resign, you should examine the Policy Statement for the Adjustment of Financial Aid Due to Discontinuance of Study.

Spring Financial Liability Deadlines

Summer Financial Liability Deadlines

Fall Financial Liability Deadlines

Winter Financial Liability Deadlines