Summer Tuition and Fees

In addition to tuition and fees, other charges may be assessed on your account, such as Student Health Insurancemeal planshousing or departmental fees. When determining your cost of attendance, please take these charges into account. University tuition and fees are subject to change.

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PLEASE NOTE –The Undergraduate Student Association  has made the  decision to NOT assess the mandatory student activity fee for Summer 2020.  Effective June 12, 2020 – the Undergrad Student Activity Fee for Summer 2020 will be removed from your account if it was assessed. This may generate a credit balance on your student account. Students are urged  to enroll in Direct Deposit if you have not already done so.

Summer 2020 Tuition and Fees

Resident Non-Resident Non-Resident Online
  • Summer 2020 Resident Per Credit Hour

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    Career Tuition: Resident Per Credit Hour Fees*:Resident Per Credit Hour Total**: Resident Per Credit Hour
    Undergraduate $295.00 $110.01 $405.01
    Graduate $471.00 $110.01 $581.01
    Medicine $1,820.00 $110.01 $1,930.01
    Dentistry $1,538.00 $110.01 $1,648.01
    Law $1,059.00 $110.01 $1,169.01
    Pharmacy $1,102.00 $110.01 $1,212.01
    MBA $625.00 $110.01 $735.01
    Physical Therapy $1,016.00 $110.01 $1,126.01
    Master of Architecture $609.00 $110.01 $719.01
    Master of Social Work $545.00 $110.01 $655.01
    Nursing Practice $1,047.00 $110.01 $1,157.01
    Doctor of Audiology $431.00 $110.01 $541.01
    Doctor of Social Work $800.00 $110.01 $910.01

*Fees Include:

** Additional Fees

In addition to the per credit hour tuition and fees listed above, all students will be charged a $5.00 transcript fee. The student activity fee will be billed as follows:

  • Undergraduate activity fee: $17.52 per session ($35.04 maximum)
  • Graduate activity fee: $5.00 per session ($10.00 maximum)

Course Fees

Summer 2020 Course Fees
Course Number Section Course Description Fee Amount
ES508LLB 000 Foundations of Athletic Training
ES547LLB 000 Foundations of Patient Care
ES554LLB 000 Emergency Management in Athletic Training
NTR540LAB B Clin Prtce in Nutr $58.00
NTR540LAB IA Clin Prtce in Nutr $58.00
PAS407LLB LAB Gross Human Anatomy $255.00

Fees are subject to change. Last updated June 24, 2020

How to Determine Tuition and Fee Charges for a Summer Course

To determine the cost of a summer course, the following calculation can be used:

  • Add the tuition per credit hour plus the comprehensive fee per credit hour plus the Academic Excellence Fee per credit hour
  • Multiply the total by the number of registered/enrolled hours
  • Add the corresponding activity fee per session
  • Add the transcript fee

University tuition and fees are subject to change at any time.


Undergraduate Resident registered for 4 credit hours (1 session):

  • Tuition: $295.00 per credit hour
  • Comprehensive Fee: $88.13 per credit hour
  • Academic Excellence Fee: $21.88 per credit hour
  • Transcript Fee: $5.00
Sample Calculations to Determine Fee Amount
Calculation Amount
Tuition of $295.00 + Comprehensive Fee of $88.13 + Academic Excellence Fee of $21.88 $405.01
x multiply by 4 credit hours


+ add the Transcript Fee of $5.00