Penalties for Non-Payment

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In accordance with State University of New York (SUNY) policy, the university reserves the right to withhold future services, including registration and release of diplomas, for any student with an outstanding balance to the university. 

Late Fees

A late payment fee will be assessed if the amount due is not paid by the due date. A maximum of four late payment fees may be assessed each term.  The university sends delinquent accounts to a collection agency or the New York State Attorney General where you may be subject to additional fees or service charges.

Late Payment Fee
Balance Due Late Payment Fee
Balances up to $999.99 $30
$1000 to $1999.99 $40
$2000 and above $50

The first late fee of the term is called an administrative fee.

Late Registration Fee

Continuing students are required to maintain their enrollment each term. Students who are not registered for at least 1 course for credit by the term’s deadline will be charged a $40 late registration fee. This is non-negotiable and must be paid.

All new students should be registered before the first day of classes for the term. A $40 late registration fee will be charged to any student who is not registered on the first day of classes, but who subsequently registers. This fee will apply to all students including those who receive late admission to the university.

The late registration fee is assessed in the Fall and Spring terms only.


Holds are assigned each term to every bill that is not paid in full. The hold prohibits registration and the sending of diplomas. In addition, failure to pay the past due balance may result in the account being turned over to a collection agency or the NYS Attorney General. Holds can be viewed in your Student Center.

An account is considered past due based on the number of days a balance has remained unpaid since the amount was billed. An unpaid bill hold (BIL) will be assigned at the 61st day regardless of the next applicable payment due date.

Questions about an unpaid bill hold should be directed to the Student Accounts office at 716-645-1800 or Contact Us.


The University at Buffalo will mail a paper bill as the final billing statement for the fall and spring terms. 

Accounts which remain unpaid past the due date of the final billing statement are subject to be sent to a collection agency and/or the New York State Attorney General (AG). Unpaid bills which reach this stage are considered delinquent. Such status may negatively affect your credit rating and you may be subject to additional fees or service charges. Once an account has been referred to collection, the student must work directly with the collection agency or the AG for resolution. University services will not be allowed until the balance and any additional collection fees are paid in full. It is therefore important to address delinquent accounts with the university before the account is submitted for collection.