Winter Tuition and Fees

In addition to tuition and fees, other charges may be assessed on your account, such as meal planshousing or course fees. When determining your cost of attendance, please take these charges into account. University tuition and fees are subject to change.

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Winter 2024 Tuition and Fees

Resident Non-Resident

Winter 2024 Resident Per Credit Hour

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Career Tuition: Resident Per Credit Hour Fees*: Resident Per Credit Hour Total**: Resident Per Credit Hour
Undergraduate (includes Certificates)
$295.00 $120.75 $415.75
Graduate (includes Certificates)
$471.00 $120.75 $591.75
Medicine $1,874.00 $118.67 $1,992.67
Dentistry $1,568.00 $118.67 $1,686.67
Law $1,090.00 $118.67 $1,208.67
Pharmacy $1,102.00 $120.75 $1,222.75
MBA (includes Certificates)
$625.00 $118.67 $743.67
Physical Therapy $1,016.00 $120.75 $1,136.75
Master of Architecture $609.00 $120.75 $729.75
Master of Social Work $545.00 $120.75 $665.75
Doctor of Nursing Practice
$1,047.00 $120.75 $1,167.75
Doctor of Audiology $476.00 $120.75 $596.75
Doctor of Social Work $800.00 $120.75 $920.75

*Fees Include:

** Additional Fees

In addition to the per credit hour tuition and fees listed above, all students will be charged a $5.00 transcript fee.

Winter 2024 Course Fees

Winter 2024 Course Fees
Course # Section Course Description Fee ($)
EVS 493LAB GEF Ecology of Unique Environ.
EVS 493LAB HEN Ecology of Unique Environ.
MUS 301LEC HAR Music Recording and Production

Winter Session Frequently Asked Questions

Notice About Student Health Insurance Requirement

Changes to Health Insurance Requirement for Fall 2024

Effective Fall 2024, UB will discontinue the domestic health insurance plan offered by the university to our students. Additionally, we will no longer mandate health insurance for domestic students attending the University at Buffalo. Health-related  programs may require students to have health insurance. Please check with your academic program about specific health insurance requirements. Learn more about the change.