Spring Tuition and Fees

In addition to tuition and fees, other charges may be assessed on your account, such as Student Health Insurance, meal plans, housing or course fees. When determining your cost of attendance, please take these charges into account. University tuition and fees are subject to change.

Spring 2022 Tuition and Fees Information

The University's initial billing noted fees at projected rates.  Actual rates were determined to be less and therefore assessed amounts have been adjusted accordingly. 

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Spring 2022 Tuition and Fees

Resident Full-Time Non-Resident Full-Time Resident Online Non-Resident Online
  • Spring 2022 Resident - Full-Time Tuition and Fees

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     Career Tuition: Resident Fees*: Resident Total: Resident
    Undergraduate $3,535.00 $1,855.75 $5,390.75
    Undergraduate (Excelsior) $3,235.00 $1,855.75 $5,090.75
    Graduate $5,655.00 $1,539.00 $7,194.00
    Medicine $21,835.00 $1,429.00 $23,264.00
    Dentistry $18,450.00 $1,529.00 $19,979.00
    Law $12,705.00 $1,539.00 $14,244.00
    Pharmacy $13,225.00 $1,519.00 $14,744.00
    MBA $7,500.00 $1,504.00 $9,004.00
    Physical Therapy $12,195.00 $1,539.00 $13,734.00
    Master of Architecture $7,310.00 $1,539.00 $8,849.00
    Master of Social Work $6,540.00 $1,539.00 $8,079.00
    Nursing Practice $12,560.00 $1,539.00 $14,099.00
    Doctor of Audiology $5,170.00 $1,539.00 $6,709.00
    Doctor of Social Work $9,600.00 $1,539.00 $11,139.00

Per Credit Rates

*Fees Include:

  • Comprehensive fees — athletics (only charged to undergraduate students), campus life, college, health services, recreation (only charged to undergraduate students), technology, transcript and transportation fees.  Career Services fee not charged to Medicine, Dentistry, Law, MBA or School of Management students.
  • Academic Excellence and Success fee (ACES)
  • Student Activity fee

Graduate and Professional

  • Part-time graduate and professional students registered for 9 - 11 hours are charged fees at the full-time rate
  • Medical Activity fee: $200.00 charged in the fall semester only


Matriculated international students also pay the International Student Fee ($100/semester). Visit the Office of International Student and Scholar Services for more information. 

Spring 2022 Course Fees