University at Buffalo students receive an electronic billing statement (eBill). UB does not send out paper tuition bills. All eBill notifications are sent via email to the student's university email address.

Important Billing Statement Information

The student’s bill does not update with any changes that occur after the bill has been created.  Subsequent activity will be reflected on the next bill.  Please view the student’s Current Activity in conjunction with the latest bill to see any changes that may have occurred. Any credit(s) showing in Current Activity after the bill was created was not originally factored in and can be subtracted from the bill total. 

Billing Highlights

  •  eBill notifications will be sent to your email address. The navigation to your eBill will be provided in the email. It is your responsibility to check your UB email. Failure to view your eBill will not be accepted as a reason to waive the late payment fee.
  • eBills do not change when activity occurs AFTER the eBill is posted. New activity details will be available on the View & Pay Accounts screen in QuikPAY.
  • You are able to pay your bill and review your account through your HUB Student Center. Payments received before 6:00 p.m. (EST) on any day will be credited to your account as of that day. Payments received after 6:00 p.m. (EST) on any day will be credited to your account the following day. To avoid a late fee, payments must be posted by 6:00 p.m. (EST) on a payment due date.
  • Each eBill you receive will list the amount due to the university. Any unpaid charges from the previous eBill will be brought forward, and additional charges, payments and credits will be shown. Your eBill will also include the calculation of the amount due from any authorized deferment, which include TAP and tuition waivers. You must provide 1Capen with proof of the receipt of such an award prior to the statement penalty date in order to deduct the award from your amount due. All charges not covered by deferments must be paid by the due date.
  • 6/25/20
    Students receive an electronic billing statement (eBill). University eBill notifications will be sent to your email address after 4:45 PM EST on the billing date.
  • 9/30/19
    The statement (eBill) is available in two formats: web-based and PDF.
  • 8/31/20
    Per SUNY policy, when you register, you assume responsibility for paying all tuition and fees associated with your enrollment/registration. You must pay even if you did not attend a single class unless you have dropped or resigned your courses according to the published deadlines. This applies to those who are withdrawing from the university OR those who have fallen below full-time status.
  • 6/30/20
    As a courtesy, the University at Buffalo may bill a third party sponsor on behalf of the student only when the sponsor requires an invoice for payment. The process of third party billing is initiated with an agreement between the student, sponsoring agency and the university.