Transportation Fee

The Transportation Fee component was instituted in support of parking and transportation services for the university. The fee provides busing and shuttle services to all students for intra- and inter-campus transportation.

The campus transportation system serves to make campus travel easy, convenient, and safe, with a primary aim to provide timely transportation that will decrease reliance and use of personal vehicles and support UB’s commitment to climate neutrality.

Student Benefits and Impacts

  • Shuttle and inter campus bus transportation
  • Service is provided on all campuses to facilitate travel within each campus and provide shuttle service from outlying and park/ride lots. By utilizing shuttles, busing and bicycling services, students do not need a vehicle on campus or need to move their vehicle around campus.
  • Online E-business offerings ease the vehicle registration, citation payment and appeals processes.
  • Bike share and rideshare services alleviate some of the demand for parking, reduce traffic congestion, and reduce our environmental footprint.
  • Maintenance, plowing, lighting and safety of campus parking lots is maintained to ensure safe, accessible and equitable parking.
  • Commuter and park and ride services are available for convenience/easy campus access.
  • Multiple communication channels are used to advise campus populations to changes in transportation schedules and parking/traffic advisories to allow for advance travel planning.
  • Customer service and support continually monitored and adjusted to meet campus needs

Student Access

The following campus transportation services, which are free of charge to students, are supported by the transportation fee paid by each student. 

  • The UB Stampede: ride the Stampede buses to get between campuses.
  • Shuttles on North Campus: move you where you need to go via the North Campus Shuttles and Green Line Shuttle.
  • Many commuters will park once in the morning and then use the university transportation throughout the day.
  • South/Downtown Campus Shuttles: the Blue Line connects the Downtown and South Campuses without the hassle of connecting from shuttle to shuttle.
  • The Safety Shuttle is now operated by Parking and Transportation Services. Rides from the South Campus to within 1.5 miles off-campus can be scheduled via an app or phone call.  Operates every night during the fall and spring semesters, 8:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m.
  • Mall/Market Shuttle: shopping needs are met with weekly trips to Walmart, Tops, Wegmans, the Boulevard Mall, Target Plaza and the Asia Food Market.
  • Fun Run: late night buses to the Galleria Mall are offered on Friday nights.
  • The Transportation Tracker Service lets riders track the location of any bus or campus shuttle, on any route, via the web or a smart phone.
  • The bicycle program offers a healthy transportation alternative. Offerings in the bicycle program include:
    • Bikeshare at UB powered by Reddy BikeShare, offers UB branded GPS-enabled bikes that you can locate and borrow using your computer.
    • Free bicycle registration is offered to deter theft and aid in recovery/return should a bike be stolen.
    • Winter bicycle storage for registered bicycles
    • Bicycle racks in key locations
    • Each UB Stampede bus is equipped with bike racks
    • Bicycle repair stations added at Clement Hall and Rensch Loop, joining stations at Main Circle, the Student Union, Ellicott Complex and Flint Loop.
  • Students have access to rideshare information via affiliation with GOBuffaloNiagara.
  • Student hangtags are available online. Look for the “Permits Online” option at here(Note: You will need your UBITName and password.)
  • Hangtags, information and campus parking and transportation maps are provided at 106 Spaulding Quad and 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.
  • A Motorist Assistance Program (MAP) provides on campus battery charging and tire inflation.
  • Information regarding parking regulations, bus and shuttle schedules and visitor parking information is also available here.
  • Parking violation information and the ability to appeal a ticket is accessible here
  • Students may access and/or direct family and friends to our information booths for directions, maps, or visit us online here.
  • Provide a venue for advertisements featuring campus services and events.
  • Parking and Transportation outreach and discussion forums held in a variety of settings throughout the year seeking student input and feedback.

Actual Expenditures

pie chart for transportation fee expenditures by function.
pie chart for transportation fee expenditures by initiative.

On this page:

Transportation Services: $6,434,899

Provides safe, timely and convenient transportation (bus and shuttle) services within and between UB’s campuses.

  • 28 buses in the UB Stampede fleet
  • 16 shuttles in the UB Park and Ride fleet
  • Park & Ride connector shuttles allow for effective use of less proximate parking spaces
  • Convenient bus and shuttle stops and routes
  • Nightly Safety Shuttle from the South Campus
  • Mall/Market service
  • Late night entertainment Fun Run busing
  • UB Bikeshare provides 50 bicycles
  • Bicycle racks on each bus equipped to hold three bicycles
  • GPS Public Viewer allows students to view real-time shuttle locations via the web
  • Transit advertising offerings expose students to campus services and event information

Fast Facts


  • 86% rate overall satisfaction as good to excellent
  • Campus Shuttles transported 401,568 students in 2018
  • Over 46,950 students utilized the mall/market service in 2018


  • Over two million passengers transported in 2018
  • Eliminate an estimated 10,000 daily personal vehicle trips on and between the campuses
  • 79% reported excellent-good satisfaction with UB Stampede service quality

Alternative Transportation

  • Over 7,000 students have been approved as members of Zipcar car-sharing at UB. Each Zipcar takes 15-20 personal vehicles off the road; UB currently has 14 Zipcars and reservations surpassed 1,200 in one month (October 2019).
  • Express Bus Home Program is now in its 10th year. Students travel home to NYC, Albany, Syracuse and Binghamton for semester breaks. 686 students availed themselves of this service last year.
  • Bikeshare at UB members traveled over 14,000 miles in 2018
  • Bike racks support over 1,200 bikes on campus
  • Each UB Stampede has a rack to carry three bicycles, and are used thousands of times each year

Parking Services: $4,289,934

Provides and maintains sufficient, convenient, and safe parking for students, faculty, staff and visitors.

  • Convenient and orderly parking throughout campuses
  • Lot directional signs utilized at beginning of semester to aid with way finding and Park and Ride promotion
  • University Police patrols
  • Parking enforcement
  • Visitor information booth
  • Parking meters/short-term parking, inclusive of pay-by-cell technologies
  • Lot maintenance/snow removal/delineators added
  • Online vehicle registration
  • Online appeal and citation payment process
  • Live Chat option at for immediate customer service
  • Campus Advisory and Parking Radio Station, 1620AM and Twitter used to advise of current parking and traffic conditions
  • Targeted messaging in advance of special events impacting parking
  • Information aides in lots during opening week of semester providing information and guidance
  • Electric vehicle charging stations on North and South Campuses.
  • Managed event parking for over 73 events in 2018
  • Overnight parking restrictions in residential areas to aid snow removal efforts
  • Two lots on North Campus designated for commuters only
  • Rideshare matching initiatives are available to decrease reliance on personal vehicles
  • Motorist Assistance Program to help students jump start their car batteries and fill low tires

Fast Facts

  • Over 16,000 parking spaces managed and maintained
  • Accessible spaces: 88% agreed that their needs were met
  • Surface conditions: 78% feel surfaces are well maintained
  • Bikeshare at UB: 78% reported satisfaction as good to excellent
  • Parking and Transportation Services E-Business Center: 85% reported satisfaction as good to excellent
  • 20,818 student parking permits were issued; 100% of those were issued through online process
  • 15,680 parking citations issued in 2018
  • 4,900 citation appeals processed in 2018
  • 78% of appeals were submitted online

Fee Contact

Parking and Transportation Services (North Campus)
106 Spaulding Quad, 716-645-3943
Monday - Friday 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

1Capen, Capen Hall (North Campus)
Monday - Friday 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Information Booth (North Campus)
Fronczak Lot
Monday - Friday 7:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Zipcar? How do I sign up?

Zipcar is the world's largest car-sharing service. If you are 18+ you can sign up and have access to any of the Zipcars on campus. You may reserve a car for an hour or the day. Gas and insurance are included. Sign-up for Zipcar membership at

Spring Break is around the corner. Do you offer transportation to other cities?

Visit our website to learn about our Express Bus Home program to Binghamton, Syracuse, Albany and NYC. The Express Bus Home travels for spring break as well as winter and Thanksgiving break. It leaves from and returns to the North Campus to make your travel easy.

I own two vehicles. How do I obtain another permit/hangtag?

Each individual is allotted one permit. The permits are transferable between vehicles. To add another vehicle to a permit or change the vehicle information assigned to your permit, log into your permit account or email us at


I do not utilize the busing service. Why should I pay the transportation fee?

The fee pays for much more than our busing contract. It also pays for shuttle services, lot maintenance, lot safety patrols, Blue Light Safety Phones, snow removal, information booths, lot construction, shelters, etc.

If I can’t find a parking spot before my morning class, what can I do?

Make our Park and Ride Lots your first choice. On the North Campus, Park and Ride service is available from the Center for Tomorrow, Stadium, and Alumni parking lots. Shuttles run every 12-30 minutes with convenient drop offs at academic buildings and student apartment complexes.

Can I register for my permit online?

Students, faculty and staff, may register online for their permits Look under “Parking Permits” on our website menu. This will lead you to the E-Business Portal (Note: You will need your UBITName and password.)

How do I receive my parking permit?

A mailing option is available, but only when registering for the next year’s permit between April and August. Other times of the year, you can pick up your permit from 106 Spaulding Quad or 1Capen on the North Campus. You will need your UB Card or driver’s license when picking up the permit.

I need to pay for my parking permit? How much are permits?

A portion of the student’s Transportation Fee is designated for their permit. There is no additional cost to students. For faculty/staff members the cost is $9.65.

Where can I pay my tickets?

Online payments are accepted at on the Parking E-Business site. You may also pay tickets in person at 106 Spaulding Quad on the North Campus, Monday - Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. or at 1Capen, Capen Hall, Monday - Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. on the North Campus. 

What should I do if I lose a ticket?

You can enter your license plate number into the E-Business Portal or call our office with your license plate number and we can find your ticket information.

How can I appeal my ticket?

The first step to appeal a ticket is to file a written appeal online at the Parking E-Business Portal, or in person at 106 Spaulding Quad or 1Capen. If needed, a second step in-person hearing may be requested to continue your appeal.

Where can my friends park on weekends?

Lots are not permit enforced on the weekends, but guests must abide by the normal parking rules which include overnight parking regulations, restricted handicap spaces, fire lanes, student apartment lots and service spaces. If your friend is visiting on a weekday, they may obtain a guest parking permit from 106 Spaulding Quad or 1Capen.

Do you provide transportation for shopping?

Our Mall/Market shuttle operates on Saturdays so students on the North and South Campuses can enjoy shopping at Wegmans, Walmart, Tops, Target and the Boulevard Mall. An express market shuttle is provided Tuesdays to the Asia Food Market and Wednesdays to Wegmans.

What transportation is provided for the Downtown Campus?

The Blue Line Shuttle connects the Downtown and South Campuses. It operates 7:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. A schedule is available here.

Can I park at a meter?

Parking meters require payment 8:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m., Monday - Saturday. Rates vary per location. Each meter is also a Parkmobile pay-by-cell space. Join at Parking permits are not valid at meters. Report broken meters to or by calling 716-645-3943.