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Getting around campus and between campuses is fast, easy and free. UB buses and shuttles let you park once on any campus and then use university transportation throughout your day.

Choose the Right Bus or Shuttle

Going Where? Routes Available
Between Campuses
  • Stampede (all stops: north-south)
  • Stampede Yellow Line (express north - south)
  • Blue Line Shuttle (south - downtown)
Around North Campus
  • Stampede Red Line (Lee Loop - Ellicott)
  • North Campus Shuttle 
  • Green Line Shuttle (Crofts - Capen - Center For Tomorrow Lot)
Around South Campus
  • Blue Line Shuttle
Off Campus
Wheelchair Accessible

All UB Stampede buses and North Campus shuttles are wheelchair accessible.

Campus Identification Required to Ride

You must swipe your UB Card when you get on a UB Stampede bus. This policy ensures that UB Stampede buses are available for free to members of the campus community, while also helping to ensure safety and security.

How to Swipe Your Card

When you get on a UB Stampede bus, simply swipe your UB Card through the card reader at the front of the bus. The screen will change to either green or red.

Green Light Red Light

Indicates the card belongs to a current UB student, faculty or staff member. You are free to take a seat.

Indicates the card does not belong to a current member of the campus community. The driver will ask you about your status at UB and (if relevant) the nature of your visit to campus.


Drivers may allow you to board without swiping a UB Card, based on the following circumstances:

  • Missing or lost card (the card is not presented and/or the person genuinely appears to not be able to locate it on their person)
  • Damaged card (the card is presented but the magnetic stripe is obviously compromised)
  • UB affiliate identification is presented
  • Event special requests scheduled through Parking and Transportation Services
  • Visitor, accompanied by a member of the campus community (only two guests allowed per student, faculty or staff member)
  • Passenger presents a ticket or ticket stub for an event that day or evening
  • Large campus events, as identified by Parking and Transportation Services
  • At the direction of Parking and Transportation Services personnel

Check the Schedules or Track Your Bus

Use the Tracker on your computer or phone to locate your bus.

Go Between Campuses

Bus Schedule Route Tracker
All Stops (North and South) Track It
Yellow Line North to South Express Track It
Blue Line South Campus -> Downtown Track It

Get Around Campus

Bus Schedule Route Tracker
North Campus Shuttle   Track It
Green Line Crofts -> Capen -> Center For Tomorrow Not Available
Red Line Lee Loop -> Ellicott Express Track It
Blue Line South Campus -> Downtown Track It

Go Off UB Campus

Bus Schedule Route Tracker

Fun Run Galleria
North Campus -> Walden Galleria
South Campus -> Walden Galleria
Not Available
Mall and Market

North Campus -> Mall  and Market

North Campus Apt -> Mall and Market

South Campus -> Mall and Market

North Campus -> Wegman's Express

Track It

Track It

Track It

Safety Shuttle South Campus > 1.5 Mile Radius Off Campus Not Available

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