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If you drive a car or motorcycle, make sure you know the rules for driving and parking — including permits. Consider a carpool and other ways to reduce congestion.

Your Personal Car

Your Motorcycle or Moped

UB Carpool Program

Get a better parking spot, help the environment and make driving easier for everyone when you carpool to and from UB.

How UB Carpool Works

  • You need at least three people for a carpool
  • Your carpool can include UB students, faculty or staff who live off-campus
  • Each of you turn in your individual parking permits for one shared carpool permit
  • The shared carpool permit lets you park in some of the best spots on campus
  • You will receive guest passes and access to the Emergency Ride Home program

Carpool Parking Spaces

Carpool spaces are located in highly desirable, prime locations across the North and South Campuses. When you sign up for the carpool program, you can list your top choices for a carpool space location.

Need Help Finding People for Your Carpool?

GoBuffaloNiagara offers a rideshare matching program.

Carpool Requirements

To qualify for the UB Carpool Program, each member may only belong to one carpool. In addition, your carpool must:

  • Include at least three members of the campus community (student, faculty or staff); a carpool is allowed to include people who share the same address
  • Take place a minimum of three days per week, with participants commuting both to and from work together
  • Include only off-campus residents; on-campus residents may not participate
  • Not include motorcycles, motor scooters and mopeds
  • Immediately notify the Parking and Transportation Services office of any change to a carpool status; if a carpool member drops out of the carpool, the remaining members will have 30 days to recruit a replacement

Get Guest Passes for Days You Can't Carpool

As a member of a carpool, you will receive a limited number of one-day guest parking passes that you can use on campus when you aren’t able to carpool.

Emergency Ride Home Program

Even when you carpool, you can get a ride home in case of an emergency. This service is only available to registered members of the UB Carpool Program.

To get an emergency ride home, you must:

•    Be using the carpool on the day you need an emergency ride

•    Demonstrate an acceptable and verifiable need

•    Have the ride take you home or to a place where you have to deal with an emergency, such as a hospital or daycare center. You may stop at the site of the emergency and then continue home, but you may not make unnecessary stops (e.g., shopping or coffee).

•    You can receive up to three emergency rides per year (September-August).

Request an Emergency Ride Home During Normal Office Hours (Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m.)

Call the Parking and Transportation office (716-645-3943) and a ride will be arranged.

After Office Hours

Call an approved emergency ride vendor, get a receipt and submit it to the Parking and Transportation Services office for reimbursement.

Approved Emergency Ride Vendors

Buffalo Transportation: 716-877-5600
Buffalo Transportation offers discounted UB rates, and accepts Campus Cash

Emergency Ride Home

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Acceptable Need

Not an Acceptable Need

  • Minor accident or injury to you or your immediate family (child, spouse/partner, parent, dependent)
  • Sudden and unexpected illness (you or your immediate family)
  • Major catastrophe such as house fire, gas leak, or flood
  • Carpool driver must leave campus unexpectedly
  • Carpool vehicle is undriveable or stolen
  • Injury requiring immediate medical attention (call University Police)
  • Soiled or damaged clothing
  • Region-wide natural events such as a major snowstorm
  • Situations in which your immediate presence is not required (e.g, your child wants a ride somewhere; spouse has car trouble, etc.)
  • Need to work overtime and you miss your carpool. (In this situation, please contact our office before 5 p.m., Monday—Friday. You may still use our vendors and campus rates, but you or your department will be responsible for the bill.

Falsifying information or misusing the carpool program could result in a one-year revocation of parking privileges at the university.

Reducing Congestion, Improving Air Quality

By using alternate transportation options, you can help:

     ▪     Reduce the demand for parking on the North and South Campuses

     ▪     Reduce traffic congestion on and between the campuses;

     ▪     Increase the number of registered rideshare and carpool participants

     ▪     Decrease the number of single-occupant vehicles on university campuses

     ▪     Improve local air quality

     ▪     Contribute to the University’s Climate Action Commitment


Zipcar is a car-sharing service that lets you use a vehicle only when you need it. Whether you’re just going to the store for an hour or taking a weekend road trip, Zipcar is a convenient, cost-effective and environmentally friendly option.

How Zipcar Works

You can sign up for Zipcar online. Once you pay your annual fee, you can reserve a car by the hour or by the day. Your rate includes gas, insurance, a mileage allowance, reserved parking spots and roadside assistance.

Every Zipcar helps reduce the number of privately owned vehicles on the road, which means less traffic and a healthier environment for everyone.

For Students, Faculty and Staff

You can sign up for Zipcar if you are a UB student, faculty or staff member ages 18 or older. UB departments can also use Zipcar for business, using an approved university P-Card to pay for the service. Please read the Zipcar departmental account policy for more information.

Zipcar Parking

Zipcars are available 24/7 and are located in convenient spaces in high-demand areas.

North Campus Zipcar Spaces

  • UB Student Union
  • Hadley Village
  • Flickinger Court
  • Fargo Lot near Greiner Hall
  • Alumni B Lot

South Campus Zipcar Spaces

  • Main/Bailey Lot near the Goodyear Hall walkway
  • Townsend Lot (Main Street end)

Downtown Campus Zipcar Spaces

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