UB aspires to be a safe place for students, faculty and staff to work and live. As a member of the community, you can help ensure your own safety — and the safety of others — by being alert and aware.

Managing Your Personal Safety

Make the Call

Program the phone number of University Police into your cell phone so you have it at your fingertips in the event of an emergency on campus. If you see a crime in progress or even something suspicious, don't hesitate, make the call.

Police Contact Numbers
Emergencies On Campus 716-645-2222
Emergencies Off Campus 911
Non-Emergencies 716-645-2227

Empower Yourself

Enroll in a self-defense course. UB offers a sexual assault defense program called R.A.D. (Rape Aggression Defense), sign up with a friend and empower yourself. These courses are designed to give you the tools that may help save your life. Contact University Police for further information on these courses.

Don't Walk Alone

Take advantage of the university's transportation or the safety escort services. Otherwise, walk with friends or classmates.

Protect Your Property

Never leave items like your backpack, laptop or cell phone unattended-even if it's just for a minute. Make it a habit to take these valuables with you. Keep purses close to your body or otherwise not visible. Recent larcenies have occurred when using on line postings either as a seller or buyer. Use caution if someone wishes to meet you to purchase or sell property.

Report Solicitors

Magazine subscriptions, donation requests, spa packages and "earn money now" schemes are some of the common methods criminals use to take your money. Avoid solicitors' scams by politely saying no and immediately notifying university police. Never provide a solicitor with your personal information.

Be Alert on Public Transportation

Stay awake and keep your personal belongings close to you. Sit near the door or the driver and stay awake. If someone is harassing you, don't hesitate to ask the driver to let you off at a populated bus stop or a well-lit area like a gas station.

Secure Your Car and Contents

Never leave valuables in your car or items in plain view. Take items like GPS devices, removable stereo faceplates, computers and electronics with you. Make sure your windows are up and the doors are locked. Apply a security device or set the alarm.

Keep Personal Information Private

Avoid becoming a victim of identity theft by carrying only the necessary items in your wallet or purse. Never give personal information to solicitors. Beware of good deal on-line scams. Never provide your password to someone online; legitimate requests will never ask for this.

Read more about protecting you and your devices.

Keep Your Room or Office Locked

Even if you're going next door to a friend's room, always grab your keys and lock the door. If your room has additional doors and windows, always be sure they are closed and locked as well.

Register Your Bike

If you ride a bike, registering your bike helps improve the likelihood of recovery if stolen. Invest in a high-quality, hardened steel "U" lock. For optimum security, lock both the front of the bike and frame to the bike rack.

SBI Safety Shuttle

The SBI Safety Shuttle offers rides within a 1.5 mile radius of South Campus (as well as select off-campus housing developments) for UB students, faculty, staff and visitors. The Shuttle typically runs while classes are in session, during the evenings.

Follow SBI Safety Shuttle on Twitter or Facebook for information about services or cancellations.

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