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Individuals with reduced mobility who wish to utilize accessible parking spaces will find available spaces at various locations on all campuses.

Parking for Persons with Disabilities

Accessible parking is available at various locations on campus.

North Campus Disability Parking Spaces

Everyday Parking

Putnam Way has numerous parking spaces for persons with disabilities. This road is close to the Student Union, Knox Lecture Hall, Capen Hall and other buildings on the Academic Spine.

Special Events

The following lots are typically available for special events at the specified locations.

Alumni Arena

Front of the arena (preferable entry point for those with special needs)

  • Slee B lot
  • Baird B lot

Rear of the arena

  • Alumni A lot
  • Arena A lot

Center for the Arts and Slee Concert Hall

  • Slee B lot
  • Baird B lot

UB Stadium

  • Alumni A lot
  • Arena A lot

South Campus Disability Parking Spaces

  • Beck Lot
  • Diefendorf Loop
  • Diefendorf Lot
  • Foster Lot
  • Goodyear Lot
  • MacDonald Lot
  • Michael-FarberLot
  • Squire Lot
  • Tower Lot
  • Townsend Lot

Downtown Campus Disability Parking Spaces

Permit Required

Your vehicle must have one of the following to utilize a designated parking area for persons with disabilities:

  • License plates for persons with disabilities
  • Permits issued by a state municipality for persons with disabilities (displayed on the visor, rearview mirror or dashboard)
  • Temporary permit for persons with disabilities (available from Accessibility Resources), displayed on your rearview mirror

When parking in spaces reserved for accessible parking, you may be asked to provide proof of your state-issued or temporary handicap parking permit.

Temporary Disabilities

If you are a member of the UB community (student, faculty or staff) with a short-term disability, you can get a temporary hangtag that lets you park in handicapped parking spots.

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