Broad-based Fee Consultation

UB provides opportunities for student input on fee proposals.

Broad-Based Fees Consultation Dates for 2023-24
Date Event
Friday, February 3

Letter to student governments and campus publications on fee proposal distributed

Monday, February 6

• Consultation period opens through Friday, February 17

• MyUB announces opening of the process as a “Need to Know” for all students

• The fee survey collection process begins through Friday, February 17 and can be accessed here:

• Online form available for feedback throughout the process• Spectrum ads advertising website and consultation begin running

Week of Monday, February 13

All Broad-Based Fee Student Advisory Group Meetings have taken place (see table below for respective fee contact for future advisory group involvement)

Friday, February 17

Close of student input process to allow for compilation and posting of student feedback

Friday, March 3

Student Consultation feedback posted on the website

March 15
Target submission date to SUNY
Monday, July 3 (approximately) SUNY approved rates published in a letter to students

Summary of 2022-23 Student Consultation

The 2022-23 Broad Based Fee Student Consultation period was held February 7, 2022 through February 18, 2022.
The consultation was advertised through MyUB, the Student Life Gateway Announcements, Campus Digital Signage, Spectrum ads, the UB Events Calendar, UBLinked notice, Twitter posts, and table tents in the dining halls.
The MyOpinion survey had 59 respondents (results available below).
Two posts were shared on the UB Student Experience Twitter account in support of the Fee Consultation Process; February 8, February 16. (Reach: 420, Engagements: 12)

PDFs available:

  • 2022-23 Broad Based Fee Student Consultation - MyOpinion Survey Results



  • There were no phone calls or letters – only emails received via the Student Accounts email address.
Broad Based Fee Student Advisory Board - Contacts for Board Involvement
Fee Contact Name Email
Athletics Nathaniel Wills
Campus Life - Student Life Dr. Trung Nguyen
Campus Life - Undergraduate Experience Christina Heath
Campus Life - Heart of the Campus Bin Chen
Carl Lam
Career Services Arlene Kaukus
College Bin Chen
Carl Lam
Recreation Karen Mayfield
Health Dr. Sharon Mitchell
Technology - CIO Diana Tuorto
Technology - University Libraries

Kathleen O'Brien

Transcript Kara Saunders
Transportation Nancy Kobielski
Academic Excellence and Success Bin Chen
Carl Lam