Enroll in Direct Deposit

Enroll in direct deposit to receive your refund faster.

How to Enroll in Direct Deposit

1. Go to Billing/Payments

Log in to your HUB Student Center through MyUB. Click Billing/Payments (Figure 1).

2. Click Payment Options

Click Payment Options in the navigation menu (Figure 2).

3. Click Manage Refunds

You are brought to the QuikPAY homepage. Click Manage Refunds in the navigation menu (Figure 3).

4. Click Manage My Refunds to Enroll

Click Manage My Refunds to enroll in direct deposit (Figure 4).  You will leave this page and enter a new site.

5. Profile Information

Your profile information will be brought into Refunds from HUB. You may enter a secondary email address if you so choose. Click on the Save button to continue (Figure 5).  

6. Edit Refund Method

Click on Edit Refund Method to enroll in direct deposit (Figure 6).

7. Manage Mobile Alerts

You will be prompted to manage mobile alerts. You may check both boxes if you so choose, but you must check the Confirm Your Identity By Text box in order to proceed. Enter in your 10 digit mobile phone number and click Save. If you do not wish to confirm your identity by text, click Save and you will receive an email with your verification code instead (Figure 7).

8. Enter Authorization Code

If you checked both boxes, you should receive two text messages:

1. “You are now enrolled to receive SMS notifications from Nelnet Refunds on behalf of University at Buffalo. To un-enroll, reply SCRSTOP to opt out of text alerts."
2. “To edit your refund method, enter the Authentication Code XXXXX on the Authentication page in Refunds.  To un-enroll, reply SCRSTOP to opt out of text alerts."

If you chose not to enroll in mobile alerts, you should receive an email stating the following:

"You have requested to edit your refund method. In order to proceed, please enter this code on the Authentication page of Refunds:


Enter the Authentication Code received via text or email in the blank box under Authorization Code and click Submit (Figure 8).

9. Select Bank Account

Click on the Bank Account circle. If you need to return to your profile, click on Back to profile (Figure 9).

10. Enter Bank Account Information

Enter your bank account information including the Account Holder's Name, Bank Name, Checking or Savings Account, Routing Number and Account Number (need to enter twice). Once you've entered your bank account information, click Save (Figure 10).

11. You Are Now Enrolled in Direct Deposit

You are now enrolled in direct deposit (Figure 11).

12. Change History Tab

Click on the Change History tab to view any changes made to your refund account, such as enrollment in direct deposit, removal of direct deposit and bank account information changes (Figure 12).

13. Notification History Tab

Click on the Notification History tab to view any email communications that have been sent to you (Figure 13).

14. Refund History Tab

If you have had a refund processed, click on the Refund History tab to view detailed information about your refund.  Click on the question mark icon for an explanation of the status of the refund (Figure 14).

15. Receive Direct Deposit Mobile Alerts

Click on the phone icon to sign up to receive mobile alerts about your direct deposit refund (Figure 15).

16. Click Sign Out to Return to QuikPAY

Click on the Sign Out button to return to QuikPAY (Figure 16).

Nelnet Assistance

Nelnet's customer service information can be found at the Customer Service link at the top of the screen. There is also a Live Help feature available Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. EST (Figure 17).

Need Assistance?

Contact the Student Accounts office by phone at 716-645-1800, or submit your question using our online form.