Changes to Your Schedule, Enrollment Status or Personal Information

If you change your academic schedule, enrollment status or personal information, it is your responsibility to submit the required forms and inform the Veteran Services office.

When to Notify Veteran Services

Changes to your schedule, status or personal information include:

  • Changing your name, address or phone number
  • Adding a class
  • Dropping a class
  • Any changes that result in less than full-time enrollment
  • Changing your major
  • Changing from on-campus to online classes
  • Repeating a course
  • Withdrawing from classes or taking a leave of absence, even after the semester is completed

Report Changes ASAP

Changes should be reported as soon as possible; in many cases, they must legally be reported within 30 days. You can report changes by completing and submitting the appropriate form. If you need assistance, please contact Veteran Services. 

Need Help?

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