Apply to UB as a Veteran

Get in-state tuition, help with financial aid, and access to a dedicated Veteran Services office when you apply to UB. These are just a few of the many benefits that may be available to you as active-duty military, a veteran, a reservist or an eligible dependent.

Step 1. Apply to the University at Buffalo

Step 2. Apply for GI Bill Benefits

Use the GI Bill comparison tool to assist you in determining your eligibility. You can apply for GI Bill benefits by completing the veterans on line application and submitting it to the Veterans Administration.

Please note that the VA does not cover your tuition deposit. However, you will get your deposit refunded at a later date. This process usually takes place during the refund period, and will handled on a case-by-case basis with coordination between UB’s financial aid and student accounts offices.

Step 3. Get Your Enrollment Certified

After you are accepted, we must certify your enrollment in order for you to receive your benefits.

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