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Computer software is available through a variety of suppliers pre-approved by the Purchasing department. UB also has some university-wide licenses that are available for departments at no charge or for a nominal fee.

Downloading Software for UB-Owned Computers

 Review the software available for download to UB-owned computers for faculty and staff.

Downloading Software to Your Computer

You must be the administrator of your computer to install most software. Contact your departmental IT support staff to install this software.

Ordering Software for UB-Owned Computers

Review the software available to order from UB for UB-owned computers and find out how to order it.

Microsoft Server and Desktop Software for Purchase

Microsoft products not covered under the Microsoft Campus Agreement can be purchased by faculty and staff for UB-owned computers.

  • For Microsoft Server software (such as Microsoft Windows Server and Microsoft SQL Server) email software-license-support@buffalo.edu to obtain a price quote for purchase through the State of NY Microsoft Reseller. You also obtain your installation file and codes from the software license group.
  • For other Microsoft desktop software (such as Microsoft Visio and Microsoft Project) contact Logisoft directly at rlong@logisoft.com or through the Logisoft website. You will receive an individual license via email that provides access to download the installation file and obtain the install code.

Adobe Software for Purchase

UB participates in the SUNY Cumulative Licensing Program (CLP). The SUNY CLP Agreement #4400463657 is valid until 11/01/2017.  All Adobe titles are available through Logisoft, a recommended software supplier, and will be priced under this agreement.  If you decide to purchase Adobe from another supplier, please provide the SUNY CLP Agreement number to obtain the best pricing.

Recommended Software Suppliers

Logisoft Computer Products

Logisoft Computer Products has a UB customized on-line store for academically priced software. The most commonly purchased titles are in the storefront, including the Adobe CLP products. Logisoft sells academic-priced software from over 50 companies such as Parallels, Adobe, Avid, Absolute, Corel, TechSmith and more.  

For products not found in the store contact edusales@logisoft.com or call 888-564-4763.

Who Installs Your Software?

Most manufacturers fulfill your license order electronically through the licensing portals or download sites. The end-user (licensee) on the license order receives access. If your IT Node staff installs your software the license may need to be put in their name.  Check with your IT staff prior to ordering.

Purchasing Software for Personally Owned Computers

UBIT has information about the purchase of software for your personally owned computer.

Procurement Services is not responsible for the information provided by UBIT about personal purchases. Direct all inquiries to UBIT. 

UB Purchasing Assistance

Kristy Smith

Purchasing, Procurement Services

Phone: 716-645-4504

Email: kristysm@buffalo.edu

Cheri Weber

Director of Technology Procurement

Purchasing, Procurement Services

Phone: 716-645-3885

Email: ubmcheri@buffalo.edu

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