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Purchase furniture through our New York state contract manufacturers, Minority- and Women-Owned Business Enterprises (MWBE) and through the open market.  

State Furniture Contract

We recommend that you purchase office and laboratory furniture through the state furniture contract. Manufacturers on this contract provide high quality, light to full commercial grade products. The pricing on the state furniture contract is heavily discounted and is pre-negotiated; therefore, obtaining multiple, competitive quotes is not necessary, regardless of price.

Recommended Suppliers

Rather than buying direct from the manufacturer, there are local distributors available to the university. These dealers can provide state contract pricing on furniture from various manufacturers, as well as providing delivery and installation.

For a list of recommended local furniture suppliers, contact Alex Borichevskiy.


Varidesk provides adjustable sit-stand desks and accessories. Through the National IPA cooperative contract, UB is eligible to receive a 10% discount on all Varidesk products. In order to receive the discount, email or call 800-207-2587 to obtain a quote.


  • What if our department wants to dispose of furniture?

    Furniture in acceptable working condition should be repurposed here or at another SUNY campus, or it may be traded-in for a credit to be applied to a new furniture purchase. Because UB-owned furniture is property of the state, it cannot be donated. Furniture that is no longer in acceptable working condition may be disposed. When disposed by the supplier, written confirmation from the supplier will be needed verifying that the furniture was disposed and not used for any other purposes. Learn more about Disposal of Equipment at UB.

  • What if I receive multiple quotes from the supplier? Can I enter them under one requisition?

    One requisition may be entered for multiple quotes so long as those quotes have the same ordering instructions, the items are from the same manufacturer and are under the same contract number. Quotes containing different manufacturers and contract numbers must go on separate requisitions, even if they came from the same supplier.

  • What if we want to buy furniture that is not on state contract?

    Ordering open market furniture items will require competitive price quotes and an appropriate justification. Review the Purchasing Dollar Thresholds for specific requirements.

  • When is a receiver necessary for furniture orders?

    Completing a receiver is required for all furniture purchases, regardless of dollar amount. The receiver should be completed after the order has been delivered and installed. Accounts Payable cannot pay the invoice until a receiver has been completed.

  • Do I need to sign the quote that I received from the supplier?

    No. Departments do not have signatory authority to sign quotes. Unauthorized signatories may be held personally liable if the university does not acknowledge the order. All quotes and purchase orders must be signed by authorized personnel in Procurement Services.

  • Can our department buy used or refurbished furniture?

    Yes. An appropriate justification will be needed in order to purchase preowned or refurbished furniture. This justification should include the current condition of the used furniture, the lifecycle of the furniture that will be ordered, and a cost comparison proving reasonableness of price. You will need to show that the items are less expensive as used pieces than they would be in new condition.

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