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If equipment in your department is no longer of use to you, there could be other UB departments, SUNY units or other organizations that would be able to use it. 

Ways to Transfer Departmental Assets

Approval Required

If asset is owned by Research Foundation (RF) or UB Foundation (UBF), you must get approval before transferring the asset.

Depending on the funding source there are different approval processes necessary before transferring or removing any items. Use these programs in order until you find a way to transfer your equipment:


Faculty and staff interested in either acquiring or recycling supplies or equipment can go to the UB SWAP website. Once you have entered your UBITName and password, you can either view all listings or add your own listing.

SUNY Property Control Listserv

If the item you listed on UB SWAP does not generate any interest, contact Asset Management to post your items on the SUNY property control listserv. Include a description of the item, a photo and its current condition. The item will remain on the listserv for two weeks before you should proceed to the next option.

NYS Website

If the item was purchased with state funds and no other departments at UB or another campus can use the item, New York State has a process for posting the item on an Office of General Services (OGS) website for eBay auction. You should request posting to this site only after UB SWAP and the SUNY property control options have been exhausted. Please contact Asset Management for more information about this option.

Campus Disposal

If all options for transfer of the item have been exhausted or if the item is in poor condition the item may be disposed.

  1. Complete a Disposal of Equipment form and have it signed by the department asset coordinator and the Chair or department head.
  2. Contact UB Facilities to place a work order to have the item picked up and disposed.
  3. Scan and email the signed form to Asset Management to remove the asset from the inventory.

UB Facilities works with a scrap metal recycler and all aspects of the items which can be recycled are utilized. Read about how to remove data and clean your computer for recycling.

Contact an Expert

Nicole Mayer.

Nicole Mayer

Asset Management, Financial Management

Phone: 716-645-4556

Email: ubs-assetmanagement@buffalo.edu

Valerie Dennis.

Valerie Dennis

Asset Management, Card Programs and eProcurement

Financial Management

Phone: 716-645-2604

Email: vlb5@buffalo.edu

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