Clean Your Computer To Recycle It

Find out what UB services you can use to clean off your UB-owned or personally owned computer before recycling it.

Operating System: All

Applies To: UB students, faculty, staff, alumni, retirees and volunteers

Last Updated: February 9, 2023

Cleaning Off Your UB-Owned Computer

  1. Ensure any sensitive data (Regulated Private or FERPA controlled student data) on the machines is completely removed from disk drives before the equipment leaves your control.  
  2. Once the items are removed from UB’s assets, you may place a work order to “dispose” of the materials which will result in a pick-up by UB Facilities.  At that point, items are brought to a secure area and every few weeks SUNNKING comes to the campus to pick up items.
  3. As part of the contract with SUNNKING all intellectual property and software is removed from hard drives, and the university receives a certificate of destruction related to the pick-up (the university does not receive individual certificates for items). 

Cleaning Off Your Personally Owned Computer

Make sure you securely clean any data off the hard disk with DBAN software before donating or recycling equipment.

Wipe Your Smartphone Before Recycling

You should erase (wipe) your smartphone before you recycle it.

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