Non-Academic Event Reservations

Student groups and university departments can reserve non-academic space throughout the university on both the North and South Campuses.

Fall 2020 Update

While we recognize the importance of organized events—including events in the Student Unions—we are also committed to protecting the health and safety of the UB community.

UB’s Student Unions have reduced occupancy in all of our rooms, in accordance with social distancing guidelines. We encourage virtual events.  Reservations are currently being processed in conjunction with guidance received from public health officials and officials at UB. Thank you for your patience during this time.

Organized Events - Fall 2020

All recognized events must follow university guidelines for health and safety. Some events may also be subject to guidelines from Student Life and / or other units. Please review the guidelines for reserving space and assembling on campus for more details.

Submit Your Request Early

Completed Space Request Forms must be received by Student Unions at least fourteen business days in advance. For special setups and equipment needs, please confirm event with the Student Unions Events Coordinator at least five business days before the event. Please submit your requests as early as possible for large events to allow adequate processing time. Student Unions will review all space requests on a “first come, first served basis.” Only completed requests, which include a signature from the requesting individual, will be accepted for review.

You May Also Need

Digital Signage

For information about digital signage in the Student Union, please view our Digital Signage Policy.

UBITName and password required


All campus events where food is served or sold must be reviewed  by Environment, Health and Safety (EH&S) and may require a Temporary Food Permit. Complete an online food permit application in advance of your event.

Sound Production

Sound production services are available for events sponsored by the Student Association. Please contact SA Entertainment at 716-645-8547 to coordinate your service request.

Special Event Security

For any event you may be required to complete a Special Event Security Request Form. This form will be submitted to 150 Student Union (North Campus) and reviewed by University Police.

Technology and AV Equipment

For official UB Departments needing classroom technology, you can look up your classroom combination. If AV equipment is required as part of your event and you do not have a combination, please make a reservation with the UBIT Help Center by calling 716-645-3542. You can also request classroom technology access and get assistance by submitting an online request (UBITName Login required). Classroom technology requests must be submitted at least three days prior to your event. Any request with fewer than three days’ notice may not be honored.

For student clubs and organizations needing classroom technology, please make this request as a part of the formal submission process on UBLinked.

If technology issues arise after you have opened the cabinet, please contact the UBIT Help Center at 716-645-3542 or visit the UBIT Website.

Ticketing and Admission Charges

Most student groups and organizations must use the Ticket Office, 221 Student Union (716-645-2353).

Charges, Policies and Guidelines

Cancellation Policy

An organization wishing to cancel a confirmed space reservation must notify Student Unions no later than two business days prior to the scheduled event. Student groups that fail to cancel their reservation or do not do so on time will be billed a cancellation fee of $30 per space and any applicable charges. University or non-University groups will be charged the cost of the room/rooms reserved. Groups that are continuous “no shows” will have their reservation privileges reviewed.

Facility and Service Charges

Rental Conditions

Please read the Rental Agreement Policy before completing the form. If any displays, signs or structures are to be erected on the campus, we may require a sketch or description of same. No signs or materials of any kind shall be attached to buildings, trees, poles, light standards, etc. Noise must be kept at appropriate level at all times.

Statement of Responsibility

Please read the Statement of Responsibility:

I (the form submitter), as the individual to be contacted for any matters and questions concerning this request, do hereby agree to accept responsibility for this event. I agree to adhere to the assurance that the facility requested will be used as stated in the request, that reasonable care will be taken to keep the event orderly, that reasonable care will be taken to enforce the rules and regulations of the University at Buffalo, and effort will be taken to consider the environment when planning and hosting this event.

Student Groups University Departments

Recognized student clubs and organizations receive first priority for space within the Student Unions, and can reserve this space (and non-academic space throughout the university) typically at no charge. Please note that there may be a charge for additional staff and/or tech support needed for large events.

Available Space

Floor Plans

Coming soon - photos and floor plans of available space.

Showcases / Display Cases

Weekly reservable showcases are located in the Student Union, unless noted otherwise.


  • Case 1: near the Union Marketplace & Eatery on the first floor
  • Case 2: across from the Theater on the first floor
  • Cases 3, 4: located in the Knox Tunnel walkway between the Student Union and Knox Hall

Groups are limited to two weekly display case reservations per semester.

Normal Operations: Important Dates

Annual open reservation dates



January 15

Submit requests for Summer Student Unions Use

March 1

Submit requests for Fall/Winter/Spring Student Unions Use

March 15

Submit requests for Summer Classroom Use

July 15

Submit requests for Fall Classroom Use

November 15

Submit requests for Winter/Spring Classroom Use

Current Operations: Important Dates

Annual open reservation dates



May 1

Submit requests for Summer*/Fall*/Winter/Spring Student Unions Use; Submit requests for Summer*/Fall* Classroom Use 

* Requests submitted will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis as the University continues to adhere to all NYS and Erie Country Public Health Safety Guidelines. Please be aware that a request for space does not guarantee a reservation.

UBLinked Instructions (Recognized Groups)

  1. Please log into UBLinked with your UBIT credentials
  2. Go to the group page
  3. Click on Manage Organization in upper right
  4. Click on Organization Menu in upper left
  5. Click on Events
  6. Click on  + Create Event*.  This is where an event submission is created and submitted as a request to UBLinked and to Student Unions.  

Be sure to include all event details, and to answer YES to needing space reserved.

Use the +Add Additional Dates for weekly events.  Please add each date you are looking to host a meeting.

*If you do not have access to the +Create Event button, then you currently do not have permission to request space for your group.  If that is an error, please email to see what you need to do to change those permissions.

UBITName and password required

Digital Sign Use

Not a UB Student Organization or Academic Department/Service Area?

Please note that non-University groups may not reserve classroom and general campus space through the Student Unions.  Interested in hosting an event on-campus, please consult with University Events.

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