Enroll in a Payment Plan

Enroll in a payment plan to help manage your payments.

How to Enroll in a Payment Plan

1. Go to Billing/Payments

Log in to your HUB Student Center through MyUB. Click Billing/Payments (Figure 1).

2. Click Payment Options

Click Payment Options in the navigation menu (Figure 2).

3. Click Payment Plan

You are brought to the QuikPAY homepage. Click Payment Plan in the navigation menu (Figure 3).

4. Select Appropriate Term to Enroll In

Select the appropriate term to enroll in a payment plan (Figure 4).

5. Click Sign Up for New Payment Plan

Click Sign Up for New Payment Plan. Please note there is a $45.00 non refundable enrollment fee due upon enrolling (Figure 5).

6. Complete Budget Worksheet

You will be prompted to complete the Budget Worksheet. When finished, click Continue (Figure 6).

7. Select a Payment Plan Option

Choose a payment plan option (Figure 7).

8. Review Information

Review the Payment Processing information, enter a Security Question and Answer and select your Payment Method. When finished, click Continue (Figure 8).

9. Enter Credit Card Information

Enter credit card information.  Click Continue. (Figure 9)

10. Enter Billing Address Information and Profile Information

Enter your billing address information and profile information.  When finished, click Continue. (Figure 10).

11. Review Payment Plan Information

Review your payment plan information.  When finished, click Continue. (Figure 11).

12. Review Payment Plan Terms and Conditions

Review the Payment Plan Terms and Conditions.  When finished, check the box and click Continue. (Figure 12).

13. Payment Plan Enrollment Receipt

After you've successfully enrolled in a payment plan, you will receive a receipt. (Figure 13).

Need Assistance?

Contact the Student Accounts office by phone at 716-645-1800, or submit your question using our online form.