Principal Investigator Responsibilities

Principal Investigators (PIs) have responsibility for the health and safety of the individuals they supervise, for safe management of the laboratories or facilities they operate and for the impacts of their activities on the environment and the health and safety of the public.

Register Your Labs with EH&S

Registering your lab with EH&S allows you access to the EHS Assistant web-based app that allows Principal Investigators and laboratory workers to maintain a chemical inventory, track the training of individuals in the lab and access a Safety Data Sheet library. In addition, you can use the app to request a pickup of hazardous waste.

If you are planning to use radioactive materials or radiation producing equipment, you must also complete the application(s) described in the Radiation Safety section on this site.


  1. To register your labs(s), complete all required fields. 
  2. View/Download all required documents.
  3. Click Submit Request; a copy of the submission data will be emailed to the requestor's email address provided on the form.
  4. Submit a door sign request for each of your labs. 

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