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In order to comply with applicable federal and state regulations, laboratories and equipment in which hazardous materials have been used must be decontaminated prior to vacating the space to make it ready for the next occupant.


Adherence to the following procedures will ensure that employees, students, service employees and members of the public are not needlessly exposed to potentially dangerous materials, and that all regulated materials are disposed of properly.

Moving or Releasing Labs

The Laboratory Facility Release Policy describes procedures to be followed to safely and legally deactivate and release to unrestricted use, or transfer responsibility for laboratory facilities, which may potentially be contaminated by hazardous chemical, radiological, or biological materials.

Servicing or Releasing Lab Equipment

The Laboratory Equipment Release Policy describes the procedures to be followed to safely and properly prepare laboratory equipment, which may potentially be contaminated, by hazardous chemicals, radiological, or biological materials for service or repair by University Facilities Operations, by commercial service vendors or released for unrestricted use.

Departing Laboratory Student Checklist

Departing laboratory students should follow this checklist. No laboratory work can be conducted after the Supervisor or Principal Investigator (PI) signs off on your departure.

Departing Laboratory Student Checklist

  • The Supervisor or PI has been notified of the student leaving.
  • All chemicals used or synthesized have been properly identified and labeled.
  • All compressed gas cylinders and borrowed equipment have been returned properly.
  • All unknown chemicals and intermediates have been labeled or have been designated as waste.
  • Ownership of all unused chemicals has been transferred to another party or they have been designated as waste.
  • All chemicals designated as hazardous wastes have been labeled and their pickup has been arranged. This process should begin 30 days prior to the final day in the lab.
  • Radioactive waste has been removed from laboratory.
  • Biological materials have been properly labeled and disposal has been arranged.
  • All equipment and furniture has been decontaminated. Refer to Laboratory Facility Release policy.
  • All equipment that is not to be used by anyone else has been identified and arrangements made to remove.
  • Special arrangements have been made for moving heavy, delicate or hazardous equipment.
  • The laboratory space has been properly cleaned and is ready for the next user.

Do Not Conduct Laboratory Work After Completing the Following

  • PI/Supervisor has inspected the laboratory work area and determined that all of the above requirements have been met and has signed off to indicate such.
  • An exit inspection has been scheduled with Environment, Health & Safety to verify that all above requirements have been met.
  • The department head has been notified of exit inspection date and time.

Certification forms are to be posted on a lab door or attached to equipment after appropriate decontamination indicates that the lab or equipment is free of any hazardous chemical, biological and radioactive materials and does not pose a hazard to human health or the environment when servicing or released to the general public.

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