Financial Announcements

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the university has centrally procured and will distribute supplies of face coverings and disinfecting products to the campus community. Management and distribution of this COVID-19-related PPE will be handled by Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S).
A receiver must be entered into ShopBlue when a product or service is received, regardless of the transaction amount, with the exception of Payment Requests.
Ensure that your state financial transactions are attributed to the correct UB fiscal year using the cutoff dates for each transaction type.
Create a multiple trip itinerary for your multi-leg travel expense reports in the travel and expense reimbursement system (Concur).
The IRS announced the 2020 standard mileage rate for business use of a personal vehicle, which is based on an annual study of the costs of operating an automobile.
The Travel Policy, approved and signed by President Tripathi, is available in the University Policy Library.  
Learn the differences between the Request and Expense modules in the travel and expense reimbursement system (Concur) to ensure you properly submit your expenses for reimbursement.
The travel and expense system (Concur) always shows the current per diem rates set by the General Services Administration (GSA). 
A recent update to the travel and expense system (Concur) modified several expense report header fields. The updated fields include new dropdown menus and will speed report payment processing.