Military Special Circumstance Health Insurance Waiver

UB requires that all domestic undergraduates at 12+ credit hours and all domestic graduate/professional students at 9+ credit hours carry health insurance.

 The UB Student Health Insurance Program is mandatory for students at the above credit hour thresholds and is assessed as a mandatory fee to the student’s UB account and billed on the tuition statement.

Annual qualified waiver of this mandatory fee and coverage is available to those students that carry private health insurance coverage that both meets the requirements for attendance and is in full effect by the first day of classes for the semester during which waiver is requested.

Though the standard waiver process is available online, administration does realize that certain circumstances cannot be administered by the automated online system. By completing and returning this form to Veteran Services, you are requesting that Veteran Services and the UB Student Health Insurance Office review your circumstances to determine if exception to UB policy and procedure as per assessment and waiver of the health insurance requirement can be granted based on all information currently available.

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