Collaborative Performance Management (CPM) Program

This ten-workshop series prepares managers to effectively manage employee performance.

This unique learning experience combines instructor-led workshops and self-paced online sessions with case study analysis and discussion forums. In addition to the workshops, opportunities are provided throughout the program for you to network and learn about the managerial experiences of your UB colleagues.  This program is offered in the Spring Semester each year.

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Learning Outcomes

  • Improve your ability to use strategic communication techniques
  • Create a supportive and motivating environment for employees
  • Allow employees to be responsible and accountable for their work
  • Provide clear and effective feedback to drive the performance you want
  • Utilize resources to assist you in managing employee performance



Intended Audience

UB faculty and staff with supervisory responsibilities



Series Workshop Descriptions

Become a Better Communicator

This full-day class will allow you to explore your preferred communication style through the DiSCĀ® assessment and learn strategies for overcoming differences in communication styles in an effort to get your message heard and stay in dialogue.

Coach Employees to Excellence

This class is split into two half-day classes. The first class focuses on organizational climate. You will learn about the six elements of climate and how you can help shape each element to improve the climate in your unit. The second class teaches you the GROW model of coaching and how to successfully utilize this model to coach employees to higher levels of performance.

Collaborative Performance Agreements

This class comprises three half-day classes. The first two classes explore the PARTNER model of developing effective performance programs with employees in a collaborative manner. The last session allows you to practice writing employee performance programs with assistance from colleagues and instructors from the program.

Leverage Your DISC Style

This half-day class will help you to assess the motivations, fears and intentions colleagues may have when interacting with you. Learn how to adapt your approach accordingly to be more effective.

Manage Performance Day-to-Day

This full-day class will help you determine and address the root causes of poor performance, understand the accountability cycle and how to help your employees through the cycle by creating clear agreements.

Deliver Effective Feedback

This full-day class will teach you how to avoid the pitfalls of giving feedback to employees by utilizing an effective model that ensures clarity and increases the probability of behavior change.

Documentation Essentials

This online class demonstrates techniques for simplifying and strengthening documentation in your employee records. These techniques ensure that you have the solid documentation that is needed to create an effective evaluation process and address performance issues appropriately. 

Navigate the Discipline Process

This half-day class teaches you strategies for applying progressive discipline and tips for utilizing the resources available to assist you throughout the discipline process. A panel of Employee Relations experts will answer your questions and advise you on the best approach to your employee situations.

Motivate Employees through Rewards and Recognition

This half-day class discusses strategies to drive employee performance, based on the Daniel Pink book "Drive."  These strategies help you to identify and reinforce desired employee behaviors and create a rewarding environment where employees can thrive.

Complete UB Performance Program & Evaluation Forms

This self-paced online tutorial provides specific guidance about completing the required performance management forms used at UB. You can explore the specific forms you utilize for your employees and get advice about what information is required in each field on the form.


Date Time Location
Program is offered annually in Spring semester
Various TBA North Campus

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The University at Buffalo is committed to providing reasonable accommodations to individuals with any disabilities. If you require accommodations to participate in this session, please contact Organizational Development and Effectiveness (ODE) at (716) 645-4459 or prior to attending the workshop. Please allow ample time for ODE to work with the Office of Accessibility Resources to arrange accommodations.