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Planning for retirement today will help you meet your retirement goals for tomorrow. Whether your retirement is years away or just around the corner, it's never too early, or too late, to start planning and saving for your retirement.  

Are You Eligible to Retire from UB?

To be eligible for retirement from the university, you must meet the criteria to continue health insurance as a retiree:

  • You must have at least 10 years of cumulative service in a health insurance eligible position with a NYSHIP participating employer or agency (if hired after April 1, 1975).
  • You must be qualified for retirement as a member of a retirement system administered by New York State.
  • You must be enrolled in a NYSHIP plan as an enrollee or dependent at the time of your retirement.

Get An Overview

If you are contemplating whether or when you're going to retire, find out about retiring from UB. Get all the information you need to make important decisions. Find out what will fulfill your goals.

UB offers a monthly Planning for Retirement Session. Individual meetings are generally not offered for this stage of retirement planning. If you have attended a session and find you still have questions, please contact Human Resources regarding the information you are seeking. Questions can be answered via email or phone call.

Understand Retirement Costs, Income and Procedures

Complete all the actions items in retirement task list before starting your countdown to retirement.

Learn about these costs and procedures before you make a final retirement decision.

Retirement Costs

The cost of health insurance premiums is a monthly budget item in retirement.
Find out what Medicare premiums will be reimbursed to you.
COBRA can provide continued dental or vision benefits for a period after you retire. Plan for this cost and further insurance.

Retirement Income

Only your retirement plan provider can estimate your retirement income.
As a New York State retiree, you may be eligible for survivor benefits.

Filing For Retirement

Prior to retirement complete your retiree health insurance applications.
Complete your retirement application forms

Countdown to Retirement

About two to six months before your expected retirement date, when you have completed all the action items in Understanding Costs, Income and Procedures, begin the countdown to your retirement.

1. Attend UB's Retirement Planning Class (Again)

Even if you have already attended this session, you may want to attend again if you want another overview. This is optional.

2. Choose an Exact Beginning of Business Date to Retire

Your retirement date is the day after your last day at work or on the payroll. Your retirement date may be a weekend date.

Plan Your Retirement Date

If You Plan To ... Then Your Retirement Date Is ...
Work until your date of retirement The day after your last day at work
Use accrued time between your last day of work and your date of retirement The day after the last day you used accrued time and are on the payroll (even if it's a fraction of a day)

Get approval from your supervisor to use accrued time BEFORE you compute your retirement date

Include holidays that occur while you are still on payroll and are before your retirement date.


November 2021
Sun Mon Tues Wed Thur Fri Sat
21 22 23 24 25 26 27
28 29 30        
December 2021
      1 2 3 4
5 6 7 8 9 10 11

1. I want my last day of work to be Wednesday, 11/24/2021

2. I have a balance of 6.25 vacation days  

  • My last day on payroll could be Friday, 12/3 (6.25 days later)
  • But I notice that Thanksgiving is 11/25, so I add another day on payroll
  • Now my last day on payroll is Monday, 12/6/2021

3. My retirement date (my first day of retirement) is Tuesday, 12/7/2021

3. Submit a Notice To Retire

Your retirement letter must include the following language:

  • You are submitting your irrevocable resignation for purposes of retirement.
  • Your retirement date specified as a beginning of business date.
  • Your last day at work or on the payroll.
  • If you are using accrued time, the dates that you plan to use the time based on the approval of your supervisor.

Send or give the letter to your department and to Human Resources:

        Human Resources
        120 Crofts Hall
        North Campus

Keep a copy for your records.

Your notice is considered a final committment to retire and cannot be rescinded.

4. File Paperwork Directly with Your Retirement System

Any forms required to collect your retirement benefit should be directly filed with your retirement system.

5. Schedule with Human Resources to Complete Final Benefits Paperwork

You Must Submit Your Letter of Retirement

Individuals will not be scheduled until your letter is filed with your department and HR.

It is recommended you submit your letter more than 30 days prior to your date of retirement to be scheduled for a group session for paperwork completion.

What You Can Expect

Human Resources offers group sessions for the completion of final benefits paperwork. A review of benefits with a focus on retiree health insurance will be provided during this time.

  • Sessions are generally held once per month and usually last one hour.
  • You will be scheduled based upon when your letter is received by Human Resources and your date of retirement.
  • If you are unable to attend for any reason or do not wish to come, you may opt to have your paperwork mailed to you with instructions.  

Any forms required to collect your pension should be directly filed with your retirement system and will not be handled during this session.

Bring To Your Consultation

  • Your photo ID
  • Your health insurance ID
  • Beneficiary information to include address, birth date and Social Security number for the Survivor's Benefit Program

Necessary forms will be provided but you may also bring health insurance and/or survivor benefit forms you have completed ahead of time.

Receive During Your Consultation

  • An overview of your benefits
  • Actions you need to take

Contact an Expert


UB HR Benefits

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