Change in Scheduled Operations Policy Revised

UB Seal on Crosby Hall

Published August 9, 2017

The Change in Scheduled Operations Policy, approved and signed by President Tripathi, is available in the University Policy Library


The University at Buffalo requires scheduled operations to continue as long as possible, essential university services to be maintained, and university employees to remain on duty when necessary to perform essential services even under extraordinary emergency circumstances. However, when conditions become so severe that the university cannot operate effectively, the President (or designee) may make a decision to change scheduled operations resulting in class cancellations, an early departure*, or a closing*.  

* Only the governor can officially declare that the university is closed or direct early departure and only the governor can authorize employees to remain away from work without charge to leave accruals. A declaration of emergency, even by the governor, does not automatically mean the closure of the university.

Policy Revisions

The policy was revised to:

  • change the name of the policy from Change in Scheduled Operations – Policy and Communication Plan to Change in Scheduled Operations
  • include the timing of a recommendation to change scheduled operations to the president
  • include a requirement for departments to conduct a detailed analysis of their services and determine which services must be continued during the emergency or resumed soon after a disaster event
  • provide departments with the authority to approve an alternate work arrangement (e.g., telecommuting) to support university activity and meet the business needs of a department during a change in scheduled operations
  • include a requirement for members of the campus community to use their best judgment in assessing the risk of coming to campus and returning home based on individual circumstances during emergencies


This policy applies to all university employees, students, visitors, guests, and operations.


Questions can be directed to UB Emergency Management at 716-645-3134 or