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Modify a UB Policy

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Keep your policy relevant. Regular reviews are key to keeping your policy consistent with current practices.

The Policy Revision Process

When you need to make a change to a policy, whether it is a small update or a major revision, follow the policy revision process. If it is necessary to remove a policy from the Library, please complete a Rescind Policy request. 

Prepare a Draft

The responsible office updates the existing policy and submits the draft (with changes showing) to Policy and Operational Excellence.

Contact Policy and Operational Excellence for advice and guidance during the policy revision process.

Determine if the Change is a Minor Update or Major Revision

Minor updates include url updates, contact and department name changes, and typographical/grammatical corrections. Minor revisions are changes that do not have a significant impact on policy users, and may be made by the Policy and Operational Excellence Office without additional review and posted to the Policy Library.

Major revisions include policy statement updates, or changes to policy requirements or limits. Major revisions include changes that may have a significant impact on policy users and closely follow the steps of new policy development, but on a smaller scale.

If it is not clear whether the change is minor or major, the responsible office and Policy and Operational Excellence will work together to make the determination. 

Additional Steps for Major Revisions

Modify a UB Policy

Consider Stateholder Input

Depending on the subject matter of the revision, stakeholders may be impacted. When stakeholders are impacted they should be given an opportunity to review the policy revision draft and provide feedback.

Have the Policy Revision Draft Reviewed

The Policy and Operational Excellence Office reviews the draft for consistency, clarity and stakeholder input. The Policy and Operational Excellence Office may decide that a review by additional departments or stakeholders is required. The Policy Review Group (PRG) will review for understandability, practicality, and potential impact.

Based on the results of these reviews, additional updates are made to the draft.

Obtain Presidential Approval

The Policy and Operational Excellence Office provides the final policy revision to the responsible executive.
The responsible executive submits the final policy revision to the president for approval.
The president reviews the final policy revision and upon approval signs and returns it to the responsible executive.
The responsible executive returns the original, signed revised policy to the Policy and Operational Excellence Office.

Communicate the Revised Policy

The Policy and Operational Excellence Office publishes the approved revised policy in the UB Policy Library.
The Policy and Operational Excellence Office and responsible office work together to issue an announcement to the university community. The announcement will also appear on the Administrative Services Gateway.
The responsible office implements education and training required by the revised policy.

Rescind Policy Request

Before you submit this Rescind Policy Request, obtain approval from the responsible office and executive. A policy expert will contact the responsible office or executive to confirm approval.

Enter the title of the policy
Enter the date on which the policy is to be rescinded
Enter name of requestor
Enter the "" email address of the requestor
Enter reason the policy needs to be rescinded

Contact an Expert

Pamela Lojacono

Policy and Operational Excellence

Phone: 716-645-6070


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