UBF Deposit Form Details

Checks, money orders, cash and charges can be entered on the same Deposit Transmittal (DT) form.

The DT form must have a UBF account number and account title for processing purposes. Totals for checks (includes money orders), cash, charge slips and a grand total for the deposit are required.

Select One Category

Question 1-A:  Donations

Absolutely no goods or services are provided to the funding source. Please provide a list of the checks with complete mailing addresses. UBF provides a tax-receipt for all donations. If there is more than one name on the check, indicate who should receive credit for the donation. Corporate donations should include a contact person, mailing address and copies of any documentation stating that the payment is a contribution.

Question 1-B:  Donations with Goods or Services

Payment consists of both a tax deductible and non-tax deductible portion (i.e. a donation that includes a dinner payment. The value of the dinner payment must be provided).

Question 2:  Faculty Practice Payments

Question 3:  Membership/Dues Payments

If the membership is a tax deductible donation, you must complete question 1.

Question 4:  Repayment/Advance Clearance

Question 5:  The first four yes and no questions MUST be answered on all deposits. If it pertains, select the appropriate category.

Please provide a brief description on all deposits and copies of any supporting documentation.

Anyone can sign the form, preferably the person completing it incase questions arise. Please write in your complete mailing address, phone, fax and e-mail address.

Cash Deliveries

We request that all cash deposits be hand delivered. We sign and date the DT form and provide a copy for departmental records.

Deposit Numbers

This only applies to service payments, not donations.

Number the deposit using a five character, alpha-numeric code for easy reference. (Add to upper right-hand corner of deposit transmittal form.) This number will print beside each deposit on the Account Holders Report.